Unexpected problems people regularly report with used cars

Citizens Advice is an independent organisation that offers support with all kinds of issues. For example, you can speak to them about employment rights, dealing with debt, housing, and more. Many people also go to them to report issues with various products and services. We want to look at this today, focusing on the reports they get about second hand cars. It is quite shocking reading, and showcases why people need to take care when they buy a used vehicle. It can also show car brokers why it is important to look carefully at prospective vehicles.

The data

Car brokersAccording to Citizens Advice, there were close to 43,000 reports of issues with used cars in 2023. That translates to one every three minutes. The organisation got complaints about various types of vehicle, including petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

The total figure alone is alarming enough to show that people should be more careful when they look at buying used cars. However, many of the reports said buyers found serious issues after they received the vehicle. This includes a massive 66% reporting the cars were defective in some way. More importantly, 13% said they had safety concerns about the vehicles they bought.

A larger issue

It isn’t just a new issue either it seems. If you look at the last decade, 28% of people who chose a second hand vehicle had an issue with it. That suggests it has been an ongoing problem for a long time.

Of those that reported issues in those ten years, 30% said the vehicles they got were faulty. Plus, 27% said the cars had damage that wasn’t originally reported. Worryingly, 19% said the mileage was higher than advertised.

Trust car brokers

The Citizens Advice data shows that people need to be careful when they buy second hand vehicles. While many sellers are honest, there are sadly some unscrupulous ones too. Some may even intentionally lie about the condition of vehicles so they can make a sale, not caring that it can cause serious issues for the buyer.

If you are looking to buy a second hand car, you should do your homework. Take the time to check vehicles carefully, ensuring you see them in person to check the condition and mileage. Test drives are essential too so you can see how they operate and can check for noises and other indications of problems.

A good idea if you need some help is to work with car brokers. Their job is to source vehicles for clients, typically dealers. So, they know how to search high and low for suitable cars.

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