Familiar names dominate Q1 2024 second hand car sales

Trends can change quickly in all kinds of areas, from art to fashion. However, one area that seems to be more stable is second hand cars. While there can be some big shifts, several models retain their popularity in the UK. To illustrate this, we want to have a look at the top ten models from Q1 2024. If you work in car broking, the names probably won’t surprise you.

Big names

Car brokingThe top seller in the first quarter of the year was the Ford Fiesta with 80,814 sales. This shouldn’t be surprising because it has been one of the UK’s best selling cars for years. The fact production of new models has come to an end means it will likely be a mainstay on the second hand market for a long time.

Following in second place was the Vauxhall Corsa, totalling 66,821 sales. Again this is almost an ever-present on lists of top selling used cars. For many people, it is their first car. It has a reputation for safety, reliability, and low running costs.

Ford was back on the list again in third place with the Ford Focus and its 60,058 transactions. It is another popular model from the brand, a perfect choice for most budgets.

The Volkswagen Golf was fourth, not too far off securing a place in the top three with 59,810 sales. Again we have another model here that retains its popularity year by year. It is beloved because they are fun to drive.

The classic British MINI names gets on the list in fifth place with 42,102. It is the perfect choice for a small city car. People love the design too, hence the popularity.

Vauxhall takes after Ford by securing a second model on the list with its Astra getting sixth thanks to 41,521 transactions. Many people looking for a family car choose this model because of the affordability.

BMW gets a place on the list in seventh with 40,063 transactions involving the 3 series. For many people this is the pinnacle of driving. You get great design, a fantastic drive, reasonable economy, and luxury features.

Volkswagen becomes the third name to get two models on the list with 39,193 sales of the Polo. It is a smaller model than the Golf, but still incredibly popular.

The ninth spot was taken by the only SUV on the list, the Nissan Qashqai. While it has seen a drop in popularity because of more people favouring hatchbacks, it still had 37,041 sales.

Finally, the top ten was finished off with the Audi A3. It is one of the most popular premium vehicles in the UK, enjoying 31,434 sales in Q1.

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