Colour influences car resale value

Something you might not know is that a car’s colour can influence its resale value. Certain colours hold more value if you compare to others. We want to have a closer look at this today. It is something every buyer, dealer, and car broker should keep in mind.

When going for a new motor, there are many factors to consider. This includes model and make, as well as price and features. Yet, one tends to get overlooked. Colour can significantly influence the resale value. Personal preference does play a role in selecting a motor’s colour. But, specific shades also hold more value than others. Let’s look at things in more detail.

Colour psychology

Car brokerWe’ll start by discussing the psychology of colour. It is critical to understand this before we look at particular shades. It can impact customer perception. Separate colours have their own associations and evoke different emotions. Both can influence a person’s decision-making procedure. For instance, red tends to reflect excitement, passion, and energy. With blue, it conveys reliability, stability, and trust. By opting for a colour that resonates with buyers, you can amplify the value.

Individual preferences do vary. At the same time, certain colours have consistent popularity among car buyers. As a result, they hold their value more effectively over time. According to industry data, neutral colours like silver, white, and black are perennial favourites. This is thanks to their versatility and timeless appeal. Such colours tend to be considered “safe” ones that appeal to all kinds of consumers. It makes them more desirable on the used car markets. If you’re interested in becoming a car broker, speak to us.

Trends and rarity

Besides colour psychology, factors like current trends and rarity are able to influence a motor’s resale value. Unique and bold shades appeal to some buyers. Although, they can restrict the pool and influence resale value. Colours in great demand or ones that align with existing trends can command premium prices. To give an example, metallic finishes and special edition shades can attract enthusiasts and collectors willing to pay more.

Something else worth noting is that colour preferences can shift between market segments and regions. For example vibrant and bright shades can have more popularity in sunny climates or among younger buyers. As for darker colours, they’re preferred among luxury buyers or in urban settings. When selecting a car colour, think about the preferences of your target market and demographic. Doing so will let you maximise resale value.

Final words

To conclude, your car’s colour can have major impacts on its resale value. Personal preferences should guide your choices at the end of the day. Yet, you do need to consider factors like regional preferences, rarity, popularity, and colour psychology. By selecting a colour that aligns with market trends and resonates with buyers, you can improve your car’s appeal. This can increase its resale value down the road.

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