The Car Broker Modules


The ‘Car Broker Business Package’ is a suite of modules (individually priced) that will provide you with a comprehensive array of information, materials and documentation to assist you in setting up your car broking business.

Together, they form a complete ‘business in a box’ solution - providing you with an array of comprehensive information and ‘know how’ to get your business up and running smoothly. Over 16 years of business experience has gone into the preparation of this Business Package, to make it easier and simpler for anyone else to get involved with providing a service to the motor trade.

The ‘core’ module, the Car Broker Business Manual (for example) shows you exactly what you should be doing - setting up your business from scratch, getting everything in place, building your marketing materials, selecting the marques you want to focus on, conducting your research, doing your due-diligence, setting out your daily routine  - all of which is important as you then start to develop your contacts with both sellers and buyers.

This is a ‘people to people’ business and will thrive on the approach that you take to develop new business relationships day in and day out.

More importantly, we can also provide you with all the support you need to get up and running – and there is a dedicated module that you can purchase, just for this.

For a complete guide of what’s available, read on…


This is the ‘core module’ of the Car Broker Business Package and comprehensively shows you exactly what you should be doing right from Day One, and then on a day-to-day basis and provides you with a very detailed understanding of the marketplace and how to get your business up and running and profitable quickly and efficiently.

Everything you need to know about running your new Car Broker business is here, and (at over 100 pages now) the Business Manual includes the following:

• Introduction
• Initial set up
• Starting up
• Internal & external systems
• The Business
• The Competition
• Tools of the Trade
• Car Valuation Tools
• Tax, Insurance and MOT Checks
• Day-to-Day business
• How to find sellers
• How to work with sellers
• How to find buyers
• How to work with buyers
• Payment process
• Payment types
• Trade to Trade
• Miscellaneous issues
• Paperwork and Documentation
• Administration Systems
• Successful case studies
• Vehicle registration numbers

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Not sure what emails to send and when? What about invoices or sales confirmations? Statements...contracts etc? Not to worry! Everything you need is here…

If you don’t want to develop all your own paperwork from scratch, then this Forms Pack is for you.

Why re-invent the wheel if you don’t need to?

Just like any business, the documentation you need or provide to your customers is absolutely critical to the success of your business.

This module includes templates for all the forms that you would require to operate your business. These include the following:
• Comprehensive Customer Enquiry Form
• Order Form
• Contract of Sale
• Sample Forms
• Invoices
• Letters

The ‘Forms Pack’ includes all the essential documents you need for both sellers and buyers. These are all templates that you can use as they are or use them to create your own. This ensures that you don’t miss anything, and everything is recorded. (Very, very helpful)!

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If you have purchased the ‘Forms Pack’, then this module is for you.

This module provides the full ‘Documentation Guide’ for how you should use all the forms that are available within the ‘Forms Pack’ and how you can modify or change them to suit your own business.

It provides you with an extremely  comprehensive guide for how you should use all the forms that are available within the ‘Forms Pack’ and how you can modify or change them to suit your own business. (Not essential – but very helpful)!

And it covers all the following documents:

  1. An 'A to Z' guide in using the documentation
  2. Car details enquiry form - What to enter on this form
  3. Intent to find a buyer
  4. Sales confirmation - Seller
  5. Sales confirmation - Buyer
  6. Contract of sale - seller
  7. Invoices
  8. Statements
  9. Emails / Faxes
  10. Internal sales records

You could work all this out for yourself, but why should you – when everything you need to understand about what you need to do is right here – and it could save you a lot of time.

  • >  How to set up simple customer databases to keep everything in order.
  • >  A complete range of tailor-made car broking documents to help you run your business smoothly.
  • >  How to use all of these, and when, and how you make them look your own.
  • >  And of course, you don't have to think about setting all of this up yourself.
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As you might expect, having run this business successfully over the years, many people have asked numerous questions about it, many of which may be similar to questions you have right now.

This module provides you with a great insight into all the questions that have been asked over the years, together with all the answers... and there isn't much else to know once you've read all of these!

Currently the FAQ document within this module runs to over 40 pages, so is extremely comprehensive in the level of questions & answers that are available. For example, questions like:

  1. How does the used car market protect itself from up’s and down’s in the economy?
  2. How has the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 thru 2022 affected the used car market and the motor trade in general and how will it affect my business?
  3. What would I be committing myself to?
  4. Why would a dealer buy a car that they’ve never seen?
  5. What personal qualities do I need to make my business succeed?
  6. What is the normal daily routine?
  7. On-going monthly costs?
  8. What working knowledge do I need?
  9. Don't I need to see the cars to be sure the owner’s description is what it “says on the tin”?
  10. How much money does someone need to start operating this business?
  11. How much investment does it require?
  12. Do the vehicles being sourced by a broker need to be over a certain price range?
  13. Road tax when selling a car: what do sellers need to do?
  14. How exactly should deal with both buyers and sellers when it comes to outstanding finance on their car?
  15. How would I base my decision on what brand manufacturer I should focus on to begin with?
  16. If I do start my business part-time, how should I work with clients and ensure that I deliver my service as quickly and efficiently as possible?
  17. Car delivery - How do cars get collected? Who’s responsibility is that?
  18. What do you need to succeed as a respected and professional car broker?
  19. Do you need to see the cars that you’re sourcing and finding buyers for?
  20. How do you protect yourself from any buyer / car dealer cutting you out of the transaction?
  21. What do you do if there are ‘snags’ in a deal?
  22. And much, much more…

This very comprehensive document lists a whole range of questions that have been asked by enquirers and customers alike and are reproduced here to help everyone understand as much as possible more about the Car Broker Business.

So, we not only acknowledge the questions that customers ask us, but we’re also happy to share this information so that it can and does benefit everyone. It's absolutely invaluable!

MODULE #5 – USEFUL WEBSITES (Insider's Guide)

Running your car broking business requires good planning, both now and into the future. So to help you start off on the right track, this module provides you with a detailed 'A-Z' list of very useful websites you can use to help you build your car broking business.

So much is available on the Internet to help you - and all we have done is to have all this in one place and show you where to go to get all the information you need, thus saving you time, effort and money.

We have grouped a comprehensive list of websites under various headings so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for. The following list provides you with an insight into what’s available -

  1. Introduction
  2. Company Formation
  3. Logos
  4. Domain Names
  5. Broadband Suppliers
  6. About Broadband Suppliers
  7. ISP Providers
  8. Website Hosting
  9. Website Development
  10. Car sites
  11. Tools of the Trade sites
  12. Car Authenticity Tools
  13. Car Review Sites
  14. Car Magazines
  15. Other sites
  16. IT Magazines
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This module provides you with a detailed list of all the current car manufacturers in the UK, providing addresses, phone numbers and website information.

With this information, you will then be able to track all the individual dealerships / retailers for every manufacturer and then begin to establish the details for all the contacts you require at various levels and at every outlet.

This will be important – particularly once you have selected the manufacturers you’re looking to focus on (at least initially), and then you can more easily identify where all the dealerships in your locality are, especially those within a 25-50 mile radius – which will help you’re marketing and planning in terms of visiting these dealerships to introduce yourself.

The information we provide here will help you to create and establish a comprehensive contact database as you grow your contacts.

The details include:

  1. Our complete A-Z of the UK car broking industry contacts.
  2. Details of all the principal car manufacturers in the UK
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This module provides you with a really beneficial insight into our top tips for buying and selling cars - some of which you may find very beneficial.

It provides information on things that you’ve probably already thought of, but also many that you probably haven’t thought of.

Whilst some of this is not directly related to car broking – it helps to put you in the mindset of those who actually buying and selling cars (which could include yourself at some point). And what we go into includes the following:

  •  What to watch out for when you're buying a car (and how you can avoid doing the same).
  •  Buying a new car at any time? Then we've got some potential money-saving tips for you.
  •  Diesel, Petrol, Hybrid or Electric cars? Which is the right one for each situation. We look at them all.
  •  Some of the key points you should be aware of when sourcing, buying or selling cars (these could save you time and effort, so it's always good to be aware of them).
  •  The essential pieces of paperwork any car you source must have (what they are, why they’re important and how they can affect the price of any car).
  •  The most popular colours of cars these days (and why some colours could possibly reduce its value by 5-10%).
  •  How to have your car’s history fully authenticated (and much, much more…).
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This module will ensure that you start to receive a whole sequence of emails over the first 8 weeks - all of which will provide you with important information with regard to how to get your business set up, what to do and in what sequence - in order to get your business successfully off the ground.

Clearly of course, these emails will relate to you having purchased the ‘Car Broker Business Manual’ in the first instance.

Always remember - don’t try to do things too quickly before you have the important parts of your new business in place.

Gradually this will all start to make sense, but it just takes time. Start how you mean to go on – by getting things done properly… and right… in the first place!

The automated emails you’ll receive include the following:
• EMAIL 1 - Have you purchased the ‘Car Broker Business Manual’?
• EMAIL 2 - Choosing a business name
• EMAIL 3 - Choosing the car manufacturers to work with
• EMAIL 4 - Finding cars and their sellers - Part I
• EMAIL 5 - Getting the right information from sellers
• EMAIL 6 - Finding cars and their sellers - Part II
• EMAIL 7 - Finding Buyers
• EMAIL 8 - Finding Buyers - Advertising cars Part I
• EMAIL 9 - Finding Buyers - Advertising cars Part II
• EMAIL 10 - Documentation - What you need to do
• EMAIL 11 - Payments - How do sellers get paid?
• EMAIL 12 - Payments - How do you (the broker) get paid?
• EMAIL 13 - We’ve covered the basics - now what’s next?

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This module is all about helping you to grow your car broking business as quickly as possible, and if you purchase this Support module, you will receive our full ‘Business Support’ package which includes our unique service to provide confidential advice and support to everyone to help get them up and running with their business.

This way, you won’t get left ‘high and dry’ – because it’s about providing that level of support that anyone might need now and again.

So, our on-going assistance, guidance and help covers:
‘One-to-One’ confidential support
‘Day-to-Day’ query handling and decision support
‘Working’ with sellers and buyers
‘Telephone’ support – we’re never far away and will always respond
‘Email’ support – If you need help or advice with any aspect of your car broking business? Simply email us and we'll give you all the help you need. All we ask is that you…
1. Give a precise, straight-to-the-point summary of your query, and
2. We also answer questions pretty briskly and to the point but being direct and focused on your questions is more important than 'padding' and 'waffle'.