How It Works



Usually a private individual (but could be a dealer). You contact them, and they agree to let YOU find a buyer for them and handle the details of the sale of their car - all to save them time, effort and money.


You are the broker i.e. the 'middleman' in the transaction, bringing together both the seller and the buyer. When the deal is successfully completed, the buyer will pay YOU the commission that you have already agreed with them.


For the buyer, you've saved them time, effort & money by sourcing the cars they need. And YOUR commission is the difference between your 'source' price & their 'buy' price on the transaction.


First and foremost, this is not about working with new cars. No, it's about working with USED (or second hand) cars.

As soon as a new car is driven away from a dealership and has its first owner stamped in the registration document - then from that point in time, if the owner wants to sell it - that's the market you're after.

And if you're still not sure what a broker actually does - then just watch the following video...

How do you tap into this market? By working with car dealers - be they main franchise networks or independent specialists. You see, whatever their size, there's no way that dealers can find all the good used cars around - and they need these for their business, but we'll explain more about this in a minute.

Why would they need you? Because they can't do it all themselves, that's why! They often just don't have the time and they will happily pay you money to help them source the cars they need, either for stock to put on their forecourts or to fulfil their customer's needs.

In return, you as a car broker provide these dealers with a much-needed and valuable service. Main franchise agents, dealers and specialists are constantly on the lookout for quality used vehicles to satisfy their insatiable demands. Help source these vehicles for them – by putting the buyers in touch with sellers – and you will soon see your business grow.


Well, you could be paid on average £250-£500 per deal… and often more. Why? Simply because the service you provide makes a significant contribution to the dealer's much larger profits. Since a dealer’s profits can typically range anywhere between £1,000 - £3,000 per sale (and upwards on high-value cars) , then a £250 - £500 commission for you is a realistic figure.

And of course, should you focus on upmarket vehicles in the prestige sector - of (say) £75,000 and above, then you could be looking at commissions of several £K's. Or then again, you might want to establish a niche sector for your business - classic cars for example. It's all about prioritising where you want to be with your business, what your market sector is, and who your customers are.

But what about you? Are you looking to do this by yourself – or perhaps with a partner? Because with a partner you can:

  • Share the investment
  • Be up and running more quickly
  • Share the workload
  • Build more customers
  • Generate more sales
  • Increase your earnings
  • Share the rewards

But it really depends on your own situation and how you might like to run your business. You're really only limited by how much time and effort you're prepared to put in.

But... it is a GENUINE and AUTHENTIC way to make £250 - £1,000+ a week - based on a tried and tested business model, with step-by-step support to help you succeed?

With the opportunity to build a strong residual income in the future… you need to really understand the potential of this business…