The easy way to spot a great used car

The UK has one of the best used car markets in the world. You can explore a diverse selection of vehicles, so there is a great chance you can find exactly what you are looking for. However, there can be massive variation in things like condition and mileage. You need to look carefully before you commit. It can even help to get advice from car brokers.

A simple tip

Car brokersMost people know basically what to check when they look at a vehicle. Are there clear signs of damage or wear and tear? How are the tyres? Are there any warning lights on the dash? You can then learn more by doing a test drive to see how it starts and handles. There is one more simple thing that can tell you a lot about the vehicle; the service records.

Ideally what you want to find is a complete pack of documents to let you check the service history of the vehicle. They can tell you a huge amount about how well it has been kept. In turn that can give you an approximate idea of the condition of crucial things like the engine. For example, if you can see records that say there have been regular oil changes, you can have more confidence that the engine isn’t full of mineral deposits.

Another important thing to look for in the service records is details of any repairs or replacements. You want to know what was done, what parts were used if any, and who did the work. It is also a good idea if you can see how much any services cost; that can give you an idea of what you could potentially be facing as part of the running costs.

When to be careful

There are two situations here when you should be careful. Firstly, be wary if there are incomplete records. The seller should be happy to give all the information; it is no use to them withholding it. Any gaps could suggest that the vehicle did not get any servicing or has been sitting ideal. Both can be bad news for any new owners.

Secondly, be cautious if there are details missing about what has been done during a service. Were they OEM parts or cheaper ones? What type of oil did they use? Ideally you want a car where you can be confident there aren’t potential issues due to low quality parts or products or unprofessional services.

Welcome to the world of car brokers

The used car market in the UK is huge, with millions of transactions every year. There is plenty of money to be made, whether it is dealers, private sellers, or brokers. The latter can be one of the most fun jobs too. It gives the chance to help facilitate deals and source vehicles with no financial risk. Every successful lead can result in some nice commission, especially for higher value vehicles.

If you like the idea of car brokers and want to find out how to become one, you can browse our website. There are no barriers to entry or geographical restrictions. You don’t have to commit your own money and can put in as much time as you like. Learn more now then find out how our materials can help you start a business out of the box. If you need any advice or have questions, you can contact us.