Should you buy an ex rental car?

Purchasing an ex rental car is something many people are apprehensive about doing. It’s a common belief that a rental is essentially a toy for any driver. They basically have free reign here right, so they don’t think about wear and tear or depreciation? This isn’t exactly true though. Some former rentals can be a really great buy if you want a second hand car. We want to have a look at this here, then if you are a car broker and want some extra advice, you can come to us.

An ex rental motor has the capacity to be among the most cost efficient buys you can make. They need to remain in a usable state for consumers. Also, during their life, they don’t usually get the mistreatment people fear. There may be some that are treated poorly and ragged, but most are perfectly fine for resale. One might serve your household well.

Mileage and present age

Car brokerThere is a particular argument for buying an ex hire vehicle; they normally don’t enter the used car market with a huge mileage and present age. The standard car rental business only keeps new motors in their fleet for roughly one or two years. Afterwards, they auction them to dealers in bulk. This means you can often buy them when they are only a few years old.

Besides their age, the mileage also tends to be precisely what you’d expect from used cars when they are relatively new. In most instances, rental cars don’t get utilised for more than a few days a week. They usually meet the standard usage for any UK vehicles, between 5,000 and 15,000 miles per year. When buying used, this is the best you could ask for. Speak to us if you want to become a car broker.

Wear and tear

On the other side, most individuals look right towards the fact that rental vehicles get horrible treatment when in use. People drive aggressively, uneconomically, and with little regard for the car. It’s only a temporary vehicle to them after all. In some cases, this is true. Realistically though, with driving legalities and the massive insurance excess with hire cars, the fact is that it’s often not as bad as some make it out to be.

If you’re looking at ex rental cars, in most cases, it will be a motor that’s been well-maintained. More often than not the owner will keep it in great condition throughout its lifespan. That’s for the business’ reputation and customer satisfaction more than anything else. A common practice is for rentals to be serviced monthly and part serviced weekly.

A better deal

Lastly, veering more towards the financial side of things, there are further points to consider before making your choice. This is because purchasing an ex rental vehicle could save you money in certain instances. As we said, many people are put off by the possible issues with these vehicles. The outcome is that sellers might end up selling at a lower price. Or, they may be more willing to negotiate.

You may be wondering if the dealer even has to reveal whether the car was an ex rental. Fortunately, as of the 2008 Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations legislation, used car sellers must legally tell you if that is the case. This applies to professional sellers only of course. If they fail to tell you, you can report them to trading standards. They could get a serious penalty. Most dealers will be forthcoming because it won’t be worth the trouble to them to withhold the info.

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