There’s more to think about with a convertible

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Purchasing a used convertible is something many do each year. Normally, they do so in the summer when they can get the most out of it. Like with other used cars though, you should proceed with caution. Any car can have problems. Adding a completely distinct system of working components on top of the standard ones only means that more can go wrong. It’s here where thinking about your purchase can benefit you.

What do you want?

The first thing to think about when buying used is what you actually want from the car. There’s more to cars than simply the kind of roof it has. Each detail can make or break the car you end up buying.

Is the boot big enough?

Boot space is one area of a convertible you cannot ignore. Having a folding roof means there needs to be room within the motor itself to store it. So, in the majority of cases, there is less boot space. If you’re looking to get that space back to a practical level, you should look at bigger convertibles. Something less sporty wouldn’t hurt either.

How big is the engine?

The engine size is also a major part of any car buying choice. Convertibles are usually small, speedy sports-based models. For most people, these tend to be the most fun to drive. But, you have to avoid getting caught up in the excitement so you don’t buy something that is not suited to your needs. Choose an engine that will give you enough power. Talk to us if you’re interested in car broking.

How many seats?

Like with engine and boot sizes, you must think about how many seats you need too. Your convertible may be used just for fun with you and your partner. Perhaps you have kids and are taking them on a trip. It could only be you cruising on the motorway. Different sized convertibles exist to cater to all these needs.

What type do you want?

The last detail you must focus on is the type of convertible. More specifically, you have to decide if you want a used convertible, and if you want a soft or hard top. Both have benefits and disadvantages after all. Hardtops can take up more boot space, but are safer. Soft tops can be far easier to break into if you leave them on a street. But, they can be lighter and simpler; you might not need the complex electronics.

Go deeper

Once you’ve selected the car you actually want, whether you opt for car broking, find a private seller, or visit a dealer, you should dig a bit deeper. When buying a convertible, you must check everything you would with any other car, and more. This includes the electric functionality.

If your chosen vehicle uses an electric conversion system, ensure it works. Test it more than you would anything else. Ensure it is relatively seamless. Any sticking, juddering, or loud sounds means there might be a massive issue with the roof. Electrics are rarely simple to fix, so they can cost you more than what the car is worth.

Besides the electrical system, you must look at the condition of the roof as well. If you have a soft top, look for things like holes or marks in the material, or where it could have perished over time. For any hardtop, look for scraping or where things aren’t fitting together properly. It may not be watertight. Whatever the case, also check for proper unlatching and latching. If things don’t fit right, the whole experience can become a pain.

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