The automatic used cars to watch out for

Car brokingYou may be in the used car market for an automatic. If so, we have information that will help you make a considered choice. Automatics are more convenient and simpler to use. You will only have to change gears for reversing and parking. What’s more, you can focus on the driving since you will have less to think on. If you have a car broking business, you will likely get plenty of requests for automatic cars.

The used car market can appear daunting since there is so much available. There is more to the final choice here than only availability and price. You need to judge vehicles by ride comfort, safety features, running costs, and overall practicality. Let’s go over some options for automatics that will probably be popular.

Honda Accord

Whether you pick diesel or petrol, automatic Accords are known to be more dependable than manual designs. Robust and coming with many extra features, particularly with the Executive variant, the Accord is still decent value for money. Many view the driving experience as comfortable. This is particularly important for long drives. The engine efficiency supports these journeys.

Skoda Kodiaq

Automatic models of this car aren’t as common as manual ones in the used market. The ones you will find though tend to come with high-spec interiors. You can go for a five-seat variant with a massive boot you could convert into two extra seats. Families get the ultimate flexibility here. Many select the Kodiaq for its power and love the features that come as standard on most models. Examples include a leather steering wheel and rear parking sensors.

Mercedes-Benz CLS

In this car, you will get a smooth ride due to the reliable and strong automatic gearbox. Space isn’t the vehicle’s best trait though. If you want to pack the boot or fit over four people in here, it is not the right option. What space it does feature though is more than comfortable for two. Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about car broking.

Toyota Yaris

This is one of the more popular small cars in the world. Despite the size, it still has space in the back seat and boot for most people’s purposes. The first generation automatic models have a smooth and reliable torque converter gearbox. Also, within any Yaris, you will discover a modern interior that has a central digital speedometer. It is a decent choice for urban living since it is compact. Fuel economy is also excellent for those long weekend journeys.

Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta has won countless ‘best car’ awards due to the affordability, simple but effective interior, and reliability. With the 1.0 litre turbo variants, they have Ford’s Powershift dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Second-hand Fiesta’s aren’t tricky to find either, and some feature lower mileages. In almost every case, people describe the Fiesta as being easy to drive, with comfortable seats and sharp handling.

Kia Ceed

Kias have a fantastic reputation for being dependable. The Ceed is no different. Automatic designs are cost efficient and work for families due to being smooth and spacious. The torque converter automatic gearbox comes with a myriad of models, both diesel and petrol. There is a lot of reliability here too.

Jaguar S-Type

This model is one that’s ageing gracefully. It feels familiar, even if some people dislike the nose design. Furthermore, under the skin, the later S-Types are legitimately decent cars. There are plenty of good diesel and petrol engines all with swift-changing, smooth automatic gearboxes. Also, few motors feel so opulent inside for the money. There are pieces of authentic wood and excellent swathes of leather.

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