Second hand family cars you can depend on

In previous years, driving a used family car usually meant spending miles in a lacklustre hatchback. These days, purchasing a second-hand family car doesn’t involve compromises. We’re talking about ones on comfort, reliability, and roominess. What we are going to do here is talk about the best options for buying one. If you offer a car broker service, you will probably get a lot of dealers looking to find these models.

Audi A3

Car broker serviceThis is a much-loved motor and one that’s received countless family car awards. The model is on the more expensive side, but is an investment that won’t disappoint. You won’t have issues finding a design with enough space for your family. Also, exceptional handling and high quality interiors are standard.

For running costs, the A3’s tend to be low. It comes with stop-start functionality as well as weight-saving measures. These include the use of high strength steel and aluminium in the structure. They help to limit emissions and fuel consumption.

Honda Civic

Next we have a car with a nearly unrivalled reputation for reliability. You will find that it has relatively low fault reports thanks to the outstanding build quality and engineering. With the release of the tenth-generation Civic, numerous older designs are now available on the used market. There is expansive boot space with them, along with high standards of dependability. Speak to us if you’re interested in running your own car broker service.

BMW 1 Series

If you buy a 1 Series, you will be able to experience all the joys of driving a BMW in a splendid family hatchback package. There are some reports that indicate the five-door design can be a tad narrow for a child seat. But, boot space receives consistent praise. This is excellent news for buggy users as well as the weekly family shop. For safety, the Series 1 has always garnered high praise. The 2012 model has a 5 Star Euro NCAP rating.

Ford Focus

Here we have the UK’s most popular family hatchback. It’s a car that is widely available on the used car market, giving a fantastic variety of choice. If your budget is able to stretch further than a second-generation design, you will have a car that is spacious, capable, and comfortable. The running costs will be cheap as well.

While the boot is slightly small, you will still be able to fit a big pram in if necessary. Moreover, the nearly flat rear floor brings extra comfort for middle seat passengers. The back has enough space for taller people to sit behind the driver. All models also come with an immobiliser and alarm. Not to mention, Ford Focuses consistently achieve high safety ratings from Euro NCAP.


The last car we’ll discuss shares many of its characteristics with the Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Golf. This is because they use the same fundamental platform. Despite the Golf having aged better, the Leon has managed to make a reputation for itself. It is a practical, affordable, fun, and fast family hatchback.

Performance Leon models like the Cupra and FR provide outstanding handling and performance. All receive praise for their spaciousness and practicality for a family car. You can also choose from a number of distinct engine options.

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