Best second hand hybrid cars for 2024

Car brokersMany people were happy with the news that the ban on the production of new petrol and diesel cars will no longer happen in 2030. Instead, the date will be 2035 to give more time for the market and infrastructure to improve. In the meantime, people have a chance to try different types of EVs. A good option is to look at second hand hybrid cars. They are a great starting point because they still have the comfort of a combustion engine. Car brokers will likely have a lot of requests for these vehicles in 2024.

The great thing here is unlike EVs, hybrids have been around for a while. As a result, there are plenty of different models to choose from. This can suit different types of drivers. There is also the option of traditional hybrid cars or PHEVs. The first uses the combustion engine to charge the battery. The second is plug in, so you get the experience of having a full EV just with a shorter range.

BMW 330e

A lot of people will love the idea of being able to own a second hand hybrid that is sporty, comfortable, eco-friendly, and full of tech. The BMW 330e ticks all of those boxes. Brilliant engineering makes it great to drive, whether you use the electric motor or petrol engine. It may be lacking in range if you compare to some of the newer PHEVs, but 25 miles can be enough for most people to do daily trips. The great prices are a winner too, especially if you look at models from 2018.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Most people look at SUVs and expect them to be really bad for fuel economy. However, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a very small carbon footprint thanks to 28 miles range per charge and an efficient petrol engine. Not surprisingly, it became one of the most popular PHEVs in the UK. Second hand models can be very affordable today, but most people prefer models from after 2015 for a more modern design.

Toyota Prius

Everybody knows the Prius and how quickly it became one of the flagships for hybrid cars and environmentally conscious drivers. In fact, car brokers will probably have been sourcing them for buyers for almost two decades. Not surprisingly, it remains a really good option for people who want a reliable second hand car. From the fourth generation model in 2015 onwards, you also get cars that feel great to drive. However, you need to be careful with high mileage models.

Vauxhall Ampera

This model is one that will be a surprise to many used car buyers. Vauxhall had high hopes it would become a really popular family car. However, it was a bit of a flop. Since then though, it has become a favourite for second hand buyers thanks to the styling and impressive range-extending powertrain. It is a great choice for most budgets too.

Mercedes C 350e

A lot of drivers aspire to own a Mercedes because the brand combines comfort, quality, and style. You can take this a step further with the 350e. It has those three as well as a low running cost if you focus on using the electric motor. Even better, you can find second hand models with all kinds of tech, including infotainment systems and driver assists, for great prices.

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