Tesla expanding services in the UK

If you think about electric vehicles, Tesla probably instantly comes to mind. They are one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Most people who want an EV will consider one of their models. If you offer a car broker service, you may have the pleasure of trying to source good quality used ones for dealers and buyers.


Car broker serviceInterestingly, Tesla has been in the UK for a decade now, first arriving in 2014. They recently passed the benchmark for selling 200,000 new cars here. Today, a number of their models are among the top selling EVs, especially among fleet operators and businesses.

While the new car market is a healthy one for Tesla, they are planning to do more to make an impact on the used one. The goal is to get more people buying second hand vehicles.

One thing Tesla is planning is to expand their certified pre-owned operations. They currently have eight locations where people can go to browse for quality second hand EVs. These are from 2018 onwards with up to 90,000 miles on the odometers. The plan is to open two new locations.

A drawback with used EVs in general is people worry about the condition and potential high costs of things like battery replacement. Tesla’s plan is to give people more confidence. All vehicles they sell directly will have had the reassurance of a professional technician checking them over. As a result, they know what they are looking for and can provide expert refurbishment services.

Other expanding services

Tesla isn’t stopping there though. They also have plans to expand a number of other services. Firstly, they are planning to make service centre operations and road side assistance available 7 days a week. The hope is this will increase the service speed.

Secondly, they are in the process of offering mobile tyre replacement services. They are trialling them in a number of regions, allowing people to arrange replacements at home or work. If successful, Tesla plans to expand the service nationwide.

Finally, they are looking to expand their network of EV chargers. Currently they have over 140 sites across the UK with over 1,400 charging points. They will grow it as the EV market itself grows.

Offering a car broker service

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