Be wary of “Covid Cars”

The Covid pandemic had a massive impact on every aspect of life. From work to education, travelling to leisure, there were huge changes. We’re still feeling some of them today. One we want to look at here is the idea of “Covid Cars”. They are hitting the used car markets, creating some interesting challenges. If you are a dealer, a car broker, or a buyer, you need to ensure you know what to expect.

What are they?

Car brokerDuring the pandemic, we had some huge disruptions to day to day life. Many workplaces had to shut entirely. Some businesses could continue operating, but with restrictions and precautions.

The automotive industry had a really tough time. A number of factors made it difficult, even impossible at times, to build cars. Most notably was access to parts. Some simply weren’t available because producers were unable to make them. This was especially true with electrical components due to a worldwide chip shortage.

So, many manufacturers had to do whatever they could to keep production flowing, even at a slower rate. One of the results of this is what people are calling “Covid Cars”. They are vehicles where the equipment and specifications can be different from what they usually are. Most crucially, some things may be slightly different or missing entirely because there wasn’t parts.

Is there an issue with build quality?

The major concern here, for dealers, buyers, and every car broker, is the impact on the quality of these vehicles. Many people believe that “Covid Cars” will have lower standards because of the period when they were built. Some manufacturers may have had to cut corners to navigate issues like parts and labour shortages, factory closures, and other problems.

Most manufacturers will deny that “Covid Cars” are a thing. They will probably say that standards were consistent, even with all of the issues. However, is that really believable?

So, if you are looking to purchase a used vehicle that was built during the Covid years, you should probably be careful. Take a closer look at the specifications and equipment. If something is missing or a mismatch, be wary.

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