A look at ISA technology

The tech you can find in vehicles can differ massively depending on the brand, age, vehicle specs, and more. There can also be some big differences in various parts of the world because of different laws. We want to look at one of the newest types of technology today, intelligent speed assistance (ISA). A new law from the EU means it will be in all new cars in the future. So, it is important to ensure you understand what it is, how it works, and what to expect in the UK. Whether you are a driver, a dealer, work in car broking, or anything else, you should make sure you understand the tech.

What is it?

Car brokingISA systems automatically detect the speed limits on roads. They utilise a combination of GPS and cameras to determine what the limit is. Then, they can deliver a warning to the driver. The goal is to prevent speeding and improve safety on the roads.

There are four different types of system. Firstly, there are those that issue a sound warning that the driver is near or over the speed limit. Secondly, there can be vibrating warnings. Thirdly, there could be feedback from the accelerator pedal. Finally, there could be a direct speed control function where the engine cuts power to make the vehicle slow down.

What is the new law?

The new law is coming in within the EU on 7th July. It dictates that all new vehicles sold in the EU, (including those in Northern Ireland), must have ISA tech as standard. This is the case regardless of when the model originally launched. So, for example if the model itself launched in 2020, any new ones sold from next month must have ISA.

A key thing here is that the ISA systems cannot be permanently disabled. Drivers may be able to disable them manually on each journey, but they will turn on automatically every time the car is started.

What does it mean for the UK?

Buyers, sellers, dealers, and anyone involved in car broking in the UK should ensure they understand the impact the EU law will have. While we are no longer part of the European Union, it is rare for there to be divergence in the driving laws. So, although the tech won’t be mandatory, most manufacturers will likely feature it on new cars selling in England, Scotland, and Wales. Northern Ireland must follow the EU law, so it will be mandatory there.

Some major brands already have plans for ISA tech in the UK. For example, Vauxhall will ensure all new cars comply with the EU law. KIA said they will make it mandatory in models from 2025, however most 2024 cars already feature it anyway.


There are a few concerns about the technology though. While the goal is to improve safety and reduce accidents, there can be problems. For one thing, cameras may pick up the wrong speed limits. They could even be from adjacent roads. Plus, the systems can be ineffective on roads where the speed limits change.

In addition, there are some serious concerns about the impact of systems that do take action to limit the speed vehicles are travelling at. That could open the door for more accidents.

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