Selling a car with no insurance

One question people often ask is whether they can sell their car without insurance. We are going to guide you through everything you have to know here. Then, if you want to learn about car brokers, you can speak to us.

The legalities

Firstly, there is the legal side. Laws and regulations vary between countries. Look at the local laws to ensure you are compliant.

In the UK it is illegal to sell a car with no insurance. Whether you are a private seller or a dealer, there must be some sort of cover in place until a sale is complete.

What if you do sell without it?

Car brokersIf you flout the law and don’t get insurance, there could be some serious repercussions.

You can’t transfer the registration of the vehicle if it isn’t insured. So, if you try to sell, the transfer legally cannot be completed. That means you will still be liable for any fines and penalty points.

If a legal issue results in the vehicle being seized and impounded, you will have to pay the penalty and cost of renewing the insurance before it can be released. The new owner won’t be able to do this as the lack of insurance means you are still responsible.


Most people won’t want to pay to renew insurance on a vehicle simply so they can sell it. Sadly, you do need to do something or you can’t legally sell. There are some alternatives to renewing for a full year though.

One thing you can do is get temporary short term cover. This can be a better option to give you comprehensive insurance from one day to thirty days. That could be enough time to arrange a sale.

You could also just take out third party insurance. While the rule is the vehicle must have insurance, it does not say it must be fully comp cover. You could take out a basic third party policy to ensure there is protection for other vehicles and people if there is an accident.

What about SORN vehicles?

Some people get a statutory off road notice when they are no longer driving a vehicle. If you want to sell a SORN vehicle, you need to tax and insure it first. You can’t move it at all without doing both, even test drives.

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