The trouble with winter car purchases

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Buying a car in winter, used or new, isn’t a simple matter. There are all sorts of factors here that make the buying procedure more difficult when it’s cold. Even if you’re not aware of them, there is a high chance they’re influencing your choices. Taking them all into consideration is the only way you can remain aware of the forces that could be influencing you in some manner. By knowing all these factors, you can make the most informed decision possible.

Lower visibility

To begin with, there is less visibility during viewings. You could be more enticed to buy something online. If you do go in person, you may not be able to see that much. The sun will be lower and the weather not favourable. Bodywork problems and even issues under the bonnet can be hard to find, especially when it is darker. Uninformed people in particular will struggle here. You could miss something that could cost you a lot of money later.

Less active sellers

Another factor at play is that there will generally be fewer private sales. People typically find the winter period much more taxing. It could be down to a lack of motivation, the cold weather, or the lull of the festive season. Whatever the answer, it tends to be the case that fewer people are listing their cars. This has a major impact on the options available to you. A smaller market always means a narrower decision. It may be better to wait until things pick up. Or look to car brokers to broaden the search.

Less dealer stock

Next, there is often less dealer stock in winter because of fewer part exchanges. On top of private sales being at their lowest, the same often goes for dealerships as well. People are always less likely to buy things after the holiday season. It is the lowest point in the year for it. Due to this, fewer people buy cars. Fewer people purchasing cars means less are also trading them in for part exchange. So, less cars are entering dealerships for selling. Everything adds up.

The conclusion

To conclude, winter makes it very inconvenient to buy and sell cars. Fewer individuals want to spend their money on something as big as a vehicle. Nor do they want to go through the trouble of selling them either. Also, due to lower stock, the selection is often lacking. If you commit to buying though, be ready for the winter weather. Take the necessary precautions and ensure you are happy to spend the time looking at the motors. Choose a date and time when it will be bright enough to get a good look at them.

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