Used cars are more beneficial than you think

There are a lot of people out there who want to learn how to run a car broker service. The trouble is that they lack the knowledge to do so. We can provide this in the form of our “How To Become A Successful Car Broker” package. What we’re offering here is a comprehensive suite of modules that will teach you all you need to know.

When it comes down to buying a car, there is a choice for you to make. You either go for a new vehicle or a used one. There are actually several advantages to choosing the latter you might not be aware of. What we want to do in this post is discuss these benefits to give you a better idea of what it’s like going for used cars.

Price and value

Car broker serviceFirstly, one of the most obvious advantages to choosing a used car is that it is more affordable than the alternative. Because of the lower price, you can usually afford to go up a model. This can give you additional features and more value.

Used cars and their attractive pricing also make them a wonderful option for first time drivers. It can lower the fear that newer drivers sometimes experience. A used car gives them the assurance that they are not the first to get behind that particular wheel.


The second benefit is lowering depreciation. Research indicates that newer models tend to depreciate by roughly 20% when people drive them off the forecourt. In the first year, the value can go down further by 10%. Purchasing a car with a one to three year history can help you prevent such a hit.


Next, there is the proven reliability. Used cars won’t make you immediately think of your purchase being the most reliable. However, we are here to dispel this myth. Various used cars are a mere three to four years old. They have had only one previous owner too. Well maintained cars preserve their reliability and come with a proven dependability. Most dealers will also ensure this with a full service before they sell a used car. If they use a car broker service, they can get the broker’s input too.

Lower insurance rates

In some cases, the older your car, the lower your insurance will be. This is because the overall value of the vehicle will be lower, so insurers won’t have to pay out a massive sum if you have an accident. It can work in your favour with lower monthly costs.


The cost efficiency for your bank balance is a plus when purchasing a used motor. This isn’t the only one though. Securing energy efficient used cars has become more accessible and affordable. The updated Nissan Leaf’s launch for instance has resulted in the previous used model becoming far more affordable. People could save on operating costs, especially if they currently have a fuel guzzler.

Financial flexibility

Typically it is easier to buy outright with used cars because of the lower prices. This can save you from having to make monthly payments and incur interest. At the same time, there is often sufficient flexibility to organise a low monthly finance option if you prefer it.


Last on the list is choice. Are you fond of a certain car that is not made anymore? You might have luck on the used car market. There are many models here that suit all sorts of price ranges. You will find huge family cars, small city runners, and everything in between. Because there are so many cars here, there is something for all buyers.

Go at your own pace when you start a car broker service

At Auto Car Brokers, we allow clients to go at their own pace with our learning package. Not everyone will need everything at once. You can pace yourself by getting the modules you need now and the rest later on. Or you can buy them all and save money but work through in your own time.

So, please get in touch if you want to know how to operate a car broker service. We’ll put you in the perfect position to be successful.