Spot the fake

There are people out there who want to know how to become a car broker. The only issue is that they lack the necessary tools. We can provide them for a fantastic price. Our Car Broker Business Package is a comprehensive suite of modules. It combines the knowledge we’ve gained in the industry, so it includes all the necessary details.

Scam car dealers have been around for a long time. These crooks are relentless, and the ways they operate change to ensure they can keep taking advantage of people. However, many of the same tell-tale signs are there to show they are not legit. To help prevent you from falling into their traps, we are going to discuss the techniques scammers use to con you online.


Firstly, there are escrow payments. One of the more recent schemes that has popped up is fake dealers informing consumers they are paying into a separate account while a transaction gets completed. Via email, these criminals distribute a convincing invoice and tell you the money will head into an escrow account. The buyer may be told they have ten days to change their mind after the car arrives. However, this kind of arrangement is rare and there are very few services like it in the UK.


Car brokerThe next technique is doing online auctions. They make it simple for fake dealers to use many pictures from separate websites and offer cars at low prices. Examining these websites, buyers must ask themselves if anyone would sell vehicles so cheap when they didn’t need to.

In many instances, these websites don’t come with the written policy or terms and conditions necessary to do an online auction. By looking through the pages, it is usually possible to tell the text has been copied and pasted from another source. Furthermore, there is often minimal to no details explaining where these motors have come from. Contact us if you want to know how to become a car broker.

Seized vehicles

Numerous scam dealer sites use the excuse that deal with seized cars and that is why they are cheap. This is a massive red flag to do more checks and ask to see the vehicle before you buy. If a car dealer has the car, they should have the means to send you videos or more photos. On some websites, there is only one photo. That should set off alarm bells.

Haulage companies

Pretending to be a haulage establishment and providing cheap cars is turning into a favourite among scam dealers. They tend to use it as an excuse for a lack of photos as well as being unable to visit to see the car. In some instances, they will say the vehicle is in a secure yard, sometimes a police compound.

When you look at these businesses online yourself, you will usually find the legit ones on Companies House. If you can’t find details, they are likely scammers.

Bank transfers

Finally, you should always be wary of businesses that ask for a bank transfer. It is harder to reclaim money with these transfers. Typically legit companies will give you a choice of options for making payments.

One thing to look for in particular is when a dealer asks you to do an initial £1 bank transfer to set up an account or as a test. The idea here is they are tricking you into being more confident you are dealing with a true dealer.

Speak to us if you want to become a car broker

With more and more stories about online scams with car dealers, it creates opportunities for legit brokers. They can offer support for buyers who want extra assurances.

With our help, you can get your own service up and running in no time. We know how to operate a car broker business, whether it is your main career or a side job you only dedicate a few hours to. You can use our resources to save time and get some excellent advantages over fellow brokers.

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