Two key areas to inspect on used cars

There are many things to consider when you browse for used cars. Obviously you want to take the time to look at the mileage and condition. It is also wise to check the features of the vehicle and the price. There are a number of overlooked areas to consider too. They can help you to spot vehicles you should avoid. We want to look at two crucial ones here. Then, if you have any interest in becoming a car broker, you can learn more with us.

Two common spots for rust

Car brokerFrom all outward appearances a vehicle may look fantastic, with a nice paint job and a clean interior. However, while everything can seem right, there could be rust hiding. It is more likely on parts of the vehicle that are harder to see. Two key ones are the frame (chassis) and floorpan.

The frame or chassis is the main supporting structure of the vehicle. It is absolutely crucial for stability, safety, and performance. However, there could be rust, particularly with older vehicles. These cars may not have a quality modern underseal. Or it may have been damaged or worn away with time.

The floorpan is a crucial foundation for vehicles. It is basically the floor and can support the frame, chassis, and mechanical components. Perhaps even more importantly, it is the floor of the passenger compartment, so people literally have their feet on it. Rust can become an issue here too.

Both the frame and floorpan can experience rust because of the amount of exposure to harmful elements like water and dirt on the roads. There is an even higher risk in winter when you drive on roads that have been gritted.


Whether you buy from a dealer, shop online, or use a car broker, it is a good idea to check the frame and floorpan for rust. The best thing to do here is get an impartial mechanic to look. They can raise the vehicle on a lift or jack to make it easier to see underneath the vehicle.

If there are signs of rust, you need to be careful. Over time it will get worse and can ultimately result in holes developing in the floorpan and frame. If that happens, the vehicle will fail an MOT.

Often a rusty frame or floorpan is a sign that a vehicle should go to the scrapyard rather than being driven around. Repairs can be possible, but will typically be very costly. In many cases it is not worth it.

Typically issues with rust on frames and floorpans are more common on trucks. Some models have a very bad reputation for it, including older models of the Ford 150.

It is also important to keep in mind that issues here can be down to the actual metal that has been used. Rust proofing can help massively, but if it is low quality steel to begin with it can only do so much. Ideally you want a vehicle from a reputable brand known to use quality materials.

Think you could be a car broker?

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