The UK’s cheapest used electric cars

You may be someone that is seeking out the cheapest electric cars in the UK. Perhaps you are looking for yourself or offer a car broker service. Whatever the case, you should know the choice is much better than you’d expect. There are plenty of fantastic models at very reasonable rates. To help you find the best models, we’re going to discuss some options here.

Renault Zoe

You can get these for between £7k and £8k. What we have is one of the most popular used electric cars on the market. It is among the most highly regarded EVs, having won numerous awards. These have been for affordability and practicality. The Renault Zoe has proven itself to be a wonderful EV for those aiming to get into the market without needing to sacrifice quality.

The model comes with 86-134 bhp depending on what variant you choose, alongside a 0-60 of 8.1 seconds. As a result, it is a good runner and performs well for its size. The 2016 design had considerable improvements to battery life. So, it has a range of 250 miles on a full charge.

Nissan Leaf

Car broker serviceSecondly, we have the Nissan Leaf, which you can get for between £8k and £9k. What we have here is one of the EV market’s pioneers. It was among the first to be an affordable and mainstream option within the UK. As a result, there are lots going on the market at excellent prices. You will probably see plenty if you offer a car broker service. It’s actually among the best selling used cars.

The Leaf is a hatchback, with five seats and doors like the Zoe. However, it has a lower range than other cheap electric used cars on the UK market. You get around 155 miles on one charge. Higher end designs could have even less. It is also slower than others, coming with a 0-60 of over 11s. But, you still have the torque to get moving swiftly. In addition, with reliability you have a winner.

BMW i3

In third we have the BMW i3, available for between £14k and £15k. It was the first sole electric model offered by this powerhouse brand. We have a wonderful runner here and one of the market’s longest-standing EV models. It launched back in 2013. There is an intriguing aesthetic that is a bit of a love it or hate it. With the carbon fibre build though, it is one of the market’s safer offerings.

It’s slightly slower and smaller than the majority of the EVs on this list. However, it is still more than suitable for town drives. The top speed is just under 80mph. It is less than the Leaf, but there is an acceleration of 0-60 in just 7 seconds. For range, it’s just under 200 miles. You might find many people considering the i3 if you offer a car broker service.

Mercedes B Class

We’ll end things by talking about the Mercedes B Class, available for between £15 and £17k. This electric model looks just like the standard production B class. It takes things to a far more eco-friendly level though. For those with bigger car needs, it is one of the more practical options because it has a lot of room.

The model possesses a bhp exceeding 175. For a car this size, it is fantastic. It can get to speeds of 100mph. As a result, it can be nippy on the motorway and around town. With a range of under 100 miles though, it is better off for people who don’t need to drive a distance.

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