The mystery behind the model

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All car buyers need to know the exact model they’re buying. This is critical for resale, insurance, and maintenance reasons. But, there are all sorts of car models on the market. As such, identifying the particular model your vehicle is can feel more complex than it needs to be. Thankfully, there are a few methods you can use to discover it.

Examine the VIN

Firstly, you can check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It is a distinct code every motor has. It contains valuable info such as manufacturing details, model, and make. By decoding the VIN, you can find out crucial things like the trim level, engine type, model year, and the manufacturer. You can normally locate the VIN on the dashboard close to the windshield. If not, it could be on the driver’s side door jamb. Or, another thing you can check is the vehicle registration documents.

Consult the owner’s manual

Hopefully, this will come with your vehicle. It tends to contain detailed information on the car’s model, features, and specification. Look for parts that give an overview of the motor’s line-up. In addition, you can consult the index for particular model identification tips.

Exterior and interior features

Separate car models come with their own interior and exterior attributes that can aid you in identifying them. Firstly, pay attention to design features like the shape of the rear lights, grille, and headlights. The same goes for any distinct emblems or badges. Within the car, look for features like the dashboard layout, seat upholstery patterns, and centre console design. These can all vary between models, so can be a great way to identify them. Speak to us if you’re interested in the world of car brokers.

Use online resources

Many online databases and resources also let you input information about your car. This includes the VIN, model year, and make. You can use them to retrieve detailed model information and specifications. Websites like the VIN decoding services, automotive forums, and manufacturer’s official website can prove indispensable. They’ll help you identify the model of your motor.

Talk to professionals

The last thing you can do is seek professional help. You could still have uncertainties about the model after trying the previous methods. If so, you might want to get help from an automotive expert or professional mechanic. They have considerable knowledge and experience working with different vehicle models. They can identify a motor’s model based on VIN decoding or visual cues.


Finding out the model of your vehicle is crucial for all sorts of reasons. There are numerous methods that can help you find out the right details. You could be decoding the VIN, using online resources, or consulting the owner’s manual. Whatever the case, taking time to find out your car’s model is wise because it can give you the right insights and peace of mind.

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