AFP wants Government action for second hand EVs

One of the main issues with the second hand car market in the UK is the lack of interest in EVs. While more people are choosing to switch to electric cars every year, there is still a lot of reluctance when it comes to used ones. Now a professional body is calling on the Government to make changes. We want to look at this today because any change here could impact the market, car broking, and more.


The AFP (Association of Fleet Professionals) specialises in supporting fleet operators in the UK. Their goal is to offer education, networking, and ideas to ensure best practice and improve the market.

In their most recent manifesto, the AFP said there needs to be more to “encourage second and third buyers” to consider electric vehicles. This would help dealers and also ensure more people have the confidence to switch to EVs.

What needs to change?

Car brokingA main thing they feel that needs to change is attitudes towards EVs. That would help everyone, including sellers, dealers, and people who work in car broking.

One issue is that many models from the first generation of electric cars were luxury models. They had to be to justify the high price tags for such new tech. However, this fact means that many people now think that is all they can get when it comes to second hand EVs. Most don’t want that kind of model; they would prefer a reliable every-day family friendly car. The AFP wants to see more done to ensure people know there are now many suitable ex fleet vehicles to suit these needs, especially company cars.

Another thing the AFP wants is a standardised battery health check for EVs. They said work is already underway on this at an international level, but it would be better to have something sooner. It would help solve one of the massive concerns people have with electric vehicles; fears that the batteries could require expensive replacements. This is a factor that deters many people from buying used EVs.

It will be interesting to see if the Government does take action to try to encourage people to buy second hand EVs. That could be a big help because the tech continues to mature and improve, but the market needs to evolve.

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