The five most popular used cars from 2022

Millions of used cars were sold in the UK in 2022. There is always love for second hand vehicles here, but the last few years have seen strong demand due to supply shortages. Manufacturers have simply been unable to make as many new ones because of a lack of key components. This creates a great situation for car brokers. There can be lots of work to do to source the right vehicles for dealers.

Top five

It is a good idea to look at which makes and models were the most popular used cars last year. They are likely to figure strongly in 2023 too unless there is a big change in buyer tastes.

Ford Fiesta

Car brokersFord’s mighty hatchback has been one of the UK’s favourite models for years. It consistently takes top spot when it comes to second hand cars and will be well known to car brokers. In 2022 there were over 220,000 sales.

Drivers love the Fiesta because it is cheap to buy and inexpensive to run. That means great value for money. At the same time Fiestas are reliable, have good performance and handling, and are quite spacious. Newer drivers in particular prefer them when they take a step up from a small car.

Vauxhall Corsa

Talking about small cars, the Corsa takes second spot on the list. It had a particularly strong year with over 176,000 sales.

There is a lot to enjoy about the model, especially for first time drivers. Firstly, it is easy to drive, reliable and cheap to run. Impressively though, for its size the car is nimble and swift. That makes it fun to drive.

Volkswagen Golf

Everyone knows that German cars are efficient, reliable, comfortable, and practical. The Golf certainly ticks all of those boxes. It is also recognisable and a favourite for people who appreciate sleek design. With over 166,000 sales in 2022, it did enough for the third spot.

Ford Focus

It’s no surprise that Ford would take another spot on the top five. This time it is the Focus, with over 164,000 sales.

People love the model because it is available in many different styles. There is also a comfortable interior and numerous safety features. Many drivers who want something bigger than a Fiesta go for the Focus.

Vauxhall Astra

Not letting Ford be the only manufacturer with two models in the top five, Vauxhall rounds out the list with the Astra. Drivers choose the family car because it has a proven to be reliable and good quality. It also helps that the price tends to be on the cheaper side too. With over 127,000 sales, it had a good year.

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