A scam second hand car sellers need to be aware of

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Scammers try all kinds of tricks to get what they want. You need to be very careful to ensure you don’t fall for them. This is true whatever the situation. There is even a new scam to be careful of if you are attempting to sell a second hand car. Read on to find out more so you know what to look for.

What is happening?

Car brokingThere have been several reports in parts of England and Wales of the scam. What happens is people arrange to view a used car that is for sale. They will then attempt to intentionally tamper with it to suggest there is an issue. After reporting the issue to the seller, they will offer a low-ball figure to purchase the car, knowing full well there isn’t actually a problem.

One of the tricks the scammers can attempt to pull here is pouring oil into the coolant system or exhaust. They will then point it out as a leak. Some may even do a test drive until the exhaust smokes, claiming it must be an issue with the car.

What to do to protect yourself?

There are a number of things you can do here to ensure you don’t fall victim to the scam. Firstly, you can ensure you don’t leave any potential buyers alone with the vehicle. It is absolutely crucial not to give them time to tamper with anything. If there is more than one person, don’t let either of them distract you. Be vigilant and keep an eye on everything.

Secondly, if there is a problem never commit to a sale on the spot. Always take the vehicle to an independent mechanic for examination. It will give you peace of mind that if there is a problem, it is a legit one.

A third thing you could do is avoid the whole situation. You can do this by arranging to sell with a broker instead.

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