The Focus or the Fiesta?

One of the most well-known battles in the world of cars is the Ford Focus vs the Fiesta. Both are among the UK’s best selling cars from a hugely successful manufacturer. So, it is easy to see where the question comes from. Countless people want as answer so they can choose the best car. Like with everything else though, it all depends on what the individual wants and needs. There are four key areas we need to look at. That is what we’ll be doing here. Then, if you need help starting a car broker service, we can help with that too.


Car broker serviceWe will start with price. This tends to be the first place everyone looks when they are car shopping. Whether you are after a luxury model or are on a budget, price is at the centre of everything. For both models thankfully, the prices are reasonable. Their running costs are very similar too.

In the past you could buy a new Focus or Fiesta for close to the £20,000 mark. However, the latter is no longer in production so you can’t get a new model. The Focus will soon not be available new either, with production ending in 2025. As a result, you need to look at the used market. Values here can be around £10,000, even after 2 or 3 years. If you compare the pair side by side, the differences are normally £2,000 to £5,000 on average.


Secondly, you need to look at how each model performs. It is something that the majority of us look for in a car. Whether you enjoy driving and having fun or need something that will get you from A to B swiftly, performance is crucial. With a couple of smallish cars, both are nippy but still have distinctions. For instance, the Fiesta is 200kg lighter.

Generally speaking, the faster of the two is the Fiesta, even against the Focus’ bigger image. With the inclusion of turbo in so many modern cars, engine sizes tend to be smaller than before. Due to this, both models can come with a 1L engine. When this ends up being the case, the Fiesta packs around 10-20 bhp more than the Focus. Speak to us if you are interested in running your own car broker service.


Next up is how comfortable the cars are. Everyone wants their vehicle to be comfortable, especially smaller cars. If you consider the Focus and Fiesta, there isn’t much they really argue with. They are roomy for their size, quiet, and have lovely features. When you put them head to head, the Focus certainly comes into a league of its own. It has superior suspension and more thorough feeling steering. There are nicer interior features and you get more balance in the handling as well. So, it makes the bends and bumps of the road feel like next to nothing. The Fiesta could feel jittery.


Lastly, space is usually a critical part of the buying decision when browsing cars. They must be practical for you and your family or circumstances. If you buy a car with the wrong features, you will waste your cash, regret the choice, or both.

The Fiesta is among the more spacious small cars. It has sufficient headroom inside. The seats go far back to accommodate taller drivers too. On the negative side, back seat passengers may have an issue due to a lack of legroom if the front seats are far back. With the Focus, it’s the total opposite. As one of the most popular family cars, the driver and passengers have a fair amount of room. There is good space in the boot for luggage too. It’s a real winner.


To conclude, if you are after performance on a budget from a nippy, small car, go for the Fiesta. Anyone interested in a roomier, more comfortable motor should choose the Focus.

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