Superminis were the most popular type of used car in 2023

New data from Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows that 2023 was a really great year for superminis in the UK. They were the most popular style of vehicle, especially on the used car market. We want to have a closer look today to see why supermini cars can be the best option for many people. If you start a business in car broking, you will probably deal with them regularly.

What is a supermini?

Car brokingThe different car classifications can make it tricky for people to decide which is which. Some models could fit into multiple categories. In many cases the class is known by comparing to signature models from well-known brands. For example, people look at the Ford Focus as an example of a small family car (DVLA Class C). An Audi A5 on the other hand is an executive car (Class E).

The easiest way to look at it is superminis (Class B) sit between city cars (Class A) and hatchbacks (Class C). They are bigger than the first but smaller than the latter. Generally what you have is compact cars but with more boot and rear seat space than you get with tiny vehicles like SMART cars.

In 2023 superminis were very popular. In total there were 7.2 million used cars sales in the UK. Almost a third of them were supermini. In fact, it was the largest growing segment of the year, adding 5.1% to values.

There are a number of reasons to choose a supermini car. The small size generally makes them cost effective to run. Being compact also means the cars tend to have impressive manoeuvrability and handling. The additional space over a city car also means you should be able to do the weekly shop without worry.

Some notable models

If you decide to start a car broking business, you will get the chance to source numerous vehicles for dealers. Because of their popularity, you will probably get plenty of requests for superminis. Here are some of the most popular ones to keep an eye out for.

Ford Fiesta

Easily the most notable supermini is Ford’s flagship model. It is one of the best selling vehicles of the past few decades, especially on the second hand market. In fact, there were over 308,000 sales in 2023. It is a reliable model with a surprising amount of space. Most importantly, the Fiesta is fun to drive.

Volkswagen Polo

The other iconic supermini is VW’s second flagship model. It is an award winner, earning plaudits as the WhatCar? best small car of the year. It stands out for its classy design and fuel efficiency. It also helps that it feels like driving a small Golf, a model synonymous with offering a fantastic experience. In 2023 over 141,000 used of them were sold in the UK.

SEAT Ibiza

This is a noteworthy alternative to the Fiesta and Polo. The Ibiza has many lovers because of the styling, space, and equipment. It is perfect for cities thanks to the compact design. All of this comes for fantastic prices too.

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