Start a business with no geographic restrictions

Geographical restrictions can often be a serious issue for businesses. How will your business survive if you can only serve a very small area? Even if you can get consistent local customers, how many opportunities are you missing by being limited to the location? So, why not choose something where there won’t be anything to limit you? A car broker business is perfect here!

What is it?

Car broker businessThe second hand car market in the UK is huge, with millions of sales every year. This is likely to continue in the future, even if the cost of living crisis causes an expected drop in sales in the short term. In fact, there could be some big opportunities with the arrival of a wave of second hand electric vehicles. There is also a ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles looming in 2030. That could lead to a big boost in activity.

With so much demand, dealers can have trouble sourcing enough second hand cars. They can also struggle if they have clients with very specific requirements. This creates an opportunity for you to start a lucrative car broker business!

Your job will be to source the second hand cars that dealers need. There is a gap in the buying chain to step in to. You can talk to sellers to find out what vehicles they are desperately seeking. Then you can set about finding them and broker deals. You will get a nice commission for each deal you can help to negotiate. It can range from £250 into the tens of thousands depending on the vehicle.

No barriers

The noteworthy thing here is you don’t have any geographical restrictions to worry about. You can literally look for dealers and sellers from all across the UK. In fact, the wider your net the better chance you have of being able to source the vehicles people are seeking.

The car broker business we help you to set up is free of barriers. You can trade anywhere you like, any time you like. There are very few businesses with this level of freedom or scale of opportunity.

Start your car broker business for less

If that wasn’t enough reason to get into car broking, you can also start with a nice saving if you act fast. We are currently celebrating some big changes here, including a new website and approach. To mark the occasion and give you a nice gift, we are offering the whole package for £1,592.00. That is 20% off the price of all modules.

So, why not find out more about the car broker business we are offering you? You can get details on our website or contact us directly. This really is an excellent opportunity to set up and start broking. You will have our fantastic resources to help you be a success.