Should an EV be your next car?

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Many individuals dislike shopping for cars. Some actually think there is more stress than being stuck in a lift or wedding planning. One common question is whether you should switch to an electric vehicle (EV). Similar to other big decisions, the choice is subjective. People are either going to hate or love them. Others will be indifferent. Subjectivity aside though, EVs have their pros and cons. We are going to discuss both sides here to give you the full picture of things.

The advantages

Car broker serviceLet’s begin with the positives. At least directly, fully electric motors are far better for the environment. They don’t run on diesel or petrol. Nor do they emit CO2. Also, hybrids have better fuel economy. They save on the volume of fuel needed to run them.

Another benefit is that, in theory, they need less frequent and costly maintenance. For one thing EVs don’t need oil to function. So, no more oil services for owners. Furthermore, according to statistics from AutoTrader, they are easier on the brakes. As a result, you’ll need to change these less frequently.

There are also financial benefits. This is especially true if you are sourcing through a business. Similar to other company motors, you can claim back 50% of the VAT at least. Moreover, EVs have a low BIK, or benefit in kind rates. Such a characteristic makes them even more attractive to businesses.

Then there is the obvious benefit, which is money saved on fuel. Depending on the price of electricity and your charging habits, EVs can be cheaper to run.

The disadvantages

Now we’ll move onto the cons. First off, these models are substantially more costly than diesel or petrol cars to buy. Even on the lower end of the market, you will pay more. There is a silver lining here with more models coming on to the second hand market. In fact, if you offer a car broker service you may deal with them more frequently in the future.

Range tends to be another disadvantage when you compare EVs to their petrol brethren. Even if you have good range, the matter of what happens when you run out of power remains. Charging times are improving, particularly at the top end of the market. However, it still takes a long time if you compare to filling up with diesel or petrol.

The infrastructure for EVS also still needs some work, especially in more remote places. The other obstacle appears if you don’t live in a property that comes with a convenient spot for installing a charging point.

There are various considerations to think about when deciding on your next car. Yours could be electric, hybrid, diesel, or petrol. It will be well worth your time talking to a qualified car expert to understand everything. They’ll tell you what you need to know.

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