Selling cars without a log book

A common question people have about cars is whether you can sell one without a log book. It is possible, but harder to pull off. You could have to lower the price too. As a team with plenty of car broking experience, we’ve seen all kinds of different sales over the years. So, we can offer advice about what to do when there is no log book.

Let’s say you are planning to sell a car but lack the log book. There might be concerns that it is not possible to transfer ownership without it. Something you need to be mindful of is that the UK government warns buyers against purchasing motors without the logs. The reason why is that it is trickier for buyers to insure and tax their new car without them.

The full name

Car brokingA vehicle log book also goes by the name VC5. It is a registration document proving you are the motor’s registered keeper. It displays your full name and address for correspondence connecting to the car. Keep in mind that the address doesn’t need to be where you store the vehicle.

The VC5 document outlines the essential details about your vehicle. The DVLA stores them in its database. They include the make and colour of your car, the size of the engine, chassis number, and the registration plate number. Furthermore, it will note how many other registered keepers the motor has had prior.

You might be surprised to hear that log books remain paper-based. Vehicle tax and driving licenses are now digital. VC5 documents are still traditional paper. Some technological advances have occurred in recent history though. So, it is now possible to alter details like the registered address and owner’s name using

No log book

If you have lost your log book, there is no need to worry. It is possible to sell a car without this document. However, the process gets more complex. It can cause some issues if you look at car broking or selling to a dealer too.

The biggest hurdle here is that potential buyers are put off by the lack of a log book. They can become suspicious about the car’s ownership. It could be that they believe it is stolen. More than 100,000 cars in the UK are each year. Or, they may think you haven’t taken care of the vehicle. If you are without a log book, you will have a harder time selling than you would with one.

Inspecting a motor’s documentation is one of the main things buyers need to do before getting a second hand car. Without the document, the new owner can’t insure their vehicle. Sellers lacking a log book always need to be up front and open about this. It can reassure prospective buyers. In addition, there are other precautions you can take to make things easier for buyers to get a new book.

Arguably the best course of action is a bill of sale. Should you plan to sell a car without a log book, you will have to cover all bases. A bill of sale document will provide potential buyers with all the necessary details to apply for a new log book with a V62 document. Moreover, it is written proof that the purchaser accepts the terms of sale and the car’s condition.

If you want to create a fit and suitable bill of sale that offers protection for you as well as the buyer, you must include several things. These include yours and the buyer’s signature, the vehicle registration number, and the date of sale. Other important details are the buyer’s full name and address, VIN plate number, mileage at the point of sale, and the car’s make and model. Even if you don’t prepare a bill, you will need to tell the DVLA you are selling the motor without its log book.

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Car broking can be a fantastic opportunity for everyone. So, if we can be of any help to you, please let us know.