Rules that will protect you from car fraud

There are people out there who wish to learn about becoming a car broker. We’re a team that can help them do this. To do so, we provide our ‘How To Become A Successful Car Broker’ package. It is a business in a box that you can use to start offering your own service. You will be able to learn from us and then start broking when you want to.

Higher values for second hand cars have given criminals an opportunity. A fake broker, dealer, or private seller could take advantage of people in need of a cost effective motor. Sadly there are a number of scams where they take everything and make a run for it. Thankfully, there are rules you can follow to protect yourself from scams. We are going to discuss them here.

Is it too good to be true?

Firstly, if the price is way too good to believe, chances are that it is a scam. Criminals will frequently aim to sell dodgy vehicles. They will do so by pricing them low to entice buyers. In many cases, they will sell online at places like eBay and Facebook Marketplace. If the car is stolen, any quantity of money will result in profit for the crook. Go online and do some basic price research. If you find one car with a price a lot lower than others that come with equal condition/specs without justification, don’t go near it.


The second rule is to check that the car is legitimate. It is possible to do it initially by getting a full car history check. Among other insights, it will inform you whether the car has outstanding financing. You will also know whether the car was previously written off or scrapped, or was stolen. This is information you can’t find any other way. If you want to know how to become a car broker, get in touch with us.

Is the seller legit?

Another thing you need to check is whether the seller is legitimate. If you’re buying a car from a broker or retailer, ensure you check them out first. Inspect their website and confirm that they post customer reviews. These should also be positive. If the firm comes with a bad website and a search engine doesn’t return much about them, be cautious.

Check the vehicle

Car brokerYou should always view and test drive the car as well. Despite how basic this rule is, it is one of the most important.

A somewhat common scam from recent years is fraudsters establishing fake websites with fake ads to make online sales. A prospective buyer contacts the firm to find out about the ad only for a fraudster to meet them. They push for payment up front to arrange for vehicle delivery. The motor you believe you are purchasing might be a photo from a copied ad from another website. You should check that the car exists and is actually for sale.

You will also want to view the car to make certain it is not stolen. Use the viewing process as a chance to check for signs of ringing or cloning. These are strategies criminals use to help disguise stolen cars. Moreover, with a test drive, you can find out if there are any signs of mechanical faults. You can also confirm whether it drives as you’d expect it to.

No advanced payments

Last but not least, never pay in advance. This is the most important rule to follow. If you don’t make a payment, you can’t lose anything. Always ensure you have the keys and access to the car before you pay. Never pay fees or the deposit in advance.

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