Key considerations when buying Category N cars

If you’re looking for a used car, whether browsing yourself or opting for car broking, you might encounter motors labelled as category N. This means they have been declared an insurance write-off because of non-structural damage. Determining whether to buy such a motor demands careful consideration. You need to think about many factors. We are going to go over the key points you must explore before making any decisions.

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Do an inspection

Firstly, before buying one of these cars, you will need a comprehensive inspection. Ask a qualified technician or mechanic to determine the extent of the non-structural harm. They can figure out what repairs the vehicle will need. With these details, you can get a better idea of the vehicle’s condition and make the right choices.

Vehicle history check

Secondly, carry out a detailed car history check using the vehicle identification number (VIN). This will enable you to uncover any extra information about the accident history. The same goes for mileage discrepancies and past repairs. You’ll gain valuable insight into its background.

Does it make sense financially?

Next is the price and cost of repairs. Category N vehicles tend to be lower priced compared to non-accident damaged ones. Although, you must factor in the cost of repairs to bring a vehicle back to a roadworthy state. Get estimates from reputable establishments to calculate the possible costs. You can then see if it will be a good deal or more affordable to get something else.

Ensure the quality of repairs

If you decide to go forward with purchasing a Category N car, you need to do the necessary repairs. The quality is crucial here, so never go for the cheapest option. Instead, choose experts who use legitimate parts and follow the proper procedures. This is essential for safety and to preserve the motor’s future value. Talk to us if you want to try car broking.


Category N vehicles might not come with structural damage. However, it is still worth checking with insurance providers about their cost implications and policies. Some insurers can charge greater premiums because of the vehicle’s history.

Check the resale value

Owning one of these cars could impact its resale value if you compare to a similar model with no accident history. Prospective buyers might hesitate to purchase a motor that has been declared as an insurance write-off in the past. But, if you intend to keep the car for some time, the resale value might not be as important. Plus, if it is a rare model, it may not be a huge deterrent to future buyers.

Are you comfortable driving it?

Finally, your choice to buy a Category N car will depend on your comfort level with a vehicle that was previously damaged. Some individuals might be willing to tackle the possible challenges and repairs. Others will prefer to avoid them entirely.

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