Is the car safe enough?

Most people consider used cars for budgetary reasons. You can find some fantastic bargains and make your money go further, especially if you work with a car broker. However, you need to think about safety. You shouldn’t ever compromise on it just to save some money; remember the ultimate costs if you have an accident can be awful.

Always think about the age

Car brokerWhat you need to think about is when each vehicle was made. The standards and laws could have been much different, especially if you go back a few decades. So, there can be massive differences between current and older cars.

A crucial thing to keep in mind is older vehicles from pre 2000 are more solid. They typically have a rigid frame and are heavier. Often they have more solid steel components. This means you could be in more danger if you have an accident because more energy will transfer from the impact to the occupants of the vehicle.

Modern vehicles are designed to crumple when there is an impact. This crumpling helps to absorb the energy, lessening the stress on the occupants. It is much safer, and is why cars tend to have crumple zones all around them. If you value safety, make sure you choose a used car with this kind of design rather than a solid body.

Safety features

One thing you can do when you work with a car broker is tell them exactly what features you are looking for in a used car. This could include leather interiors, parking sensors, and entertainment systems. You should also specify that vehicles include key safety features.

There are three crucial things to note in this regard. Firstly, cars made before 2003 may not have airbags. Secondly, ABS (anti-lock brakes) became compulsory in 2004. Finally, ESC (electronic stability control) was a luxury feature prior to 2014.


So, if you want to buy a used car, make sure you check carefully to make sure there are no safety red flags. Lack of airbags and ABS in particular should concern you. Even if the price is incredible, it won’t be worth the risk of getting into an accident and suffering serious injuries.

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