Is a second hand car best for the environment?

How we travel has a massive impact on the environment. With more people trying to be eco-conscious today, many question whether choosing a second hand car is better. We want to have a closer look at this here. Then, if you want to learn about car broking, you can browse our website or speak to us.

Think about the big picture

Car brokingThere is actually a lot to think about when you try to decide which option will be best for the environment. You need to consider all of them to ensure you make the right choice.

The first thing to look at is the impact of manufacturing a new car. It can take a huge amount of energy to produce a single vehicle. This translates to a lot of carbon emissions. Even producing the various materials to build a car can be energy intensive and tough on the environment. Finally, transporting the vehicle to you can add even more greenhouse gas emissions.

A good quality second hand car can be a better option in this sense. It means you aren’t consuming all the energy and producing all the greenhouse gases. That already happened when the car was first made. You’re actually just getting more for the initial investment.

Another crucial thing here is buying a second hand car means you are saving it from going to the scrap yard. While it is possible to recycle a massive percentage of old vehicles, it can be energy intensive. Keeping an older vehicle on the road instead can be better. You can also get more choice, especially if you look at car broking.

Fuel consumption

One area where new vehicles can have a clear advantage is the fuel efficiency. Manufacturers typically focus on making cars as efficient as they can. Newer engines can generally go further on less fuel. So, they produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Unfortunately, older vehicles can be less efficient and have higher emissions. Wear and tear can exacerbate it too. A study by the University of Michigan suggests that vehicles can consume 33% to 35% more fuel per mile when they are 10+ years old.

Electric vehicles

A hot topic at the moment is electric vehicles. The idea is they can be better for the environment because they don’t burn fossil fuels. However, you need to think about how you charge them. Are you using electricity obtained from power stations that burn those same fuels? If so, they may not be as good for the environment as you thought.

Ideally good quality second hand EVs could be the best choice for the environment. You will be avoiding the negatives of manufacturing a new car but can choose technology that doesn’t rely on fossil fuel. If you charge the vehicle efficiently and get your energy from a supply that uses renewables, you can get the best results.

Do you want to take a crack at car broking?

Hopefully the information above shows that second hand cars can indeed be the best option for the environment. You get more choice and can keep vehicles on the road rather than materials potentially going to waste. If they’ve been well maintained, the fuel economy won’t be as much of an issue too.

If you are thinking about committing to getting a used car, you may want to think about car brokers. You can ask a broker to help you find your ideal vehicle. They can look in various places to find something to match your specifications.

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