Did you make a very smart buy in the Noughties?

The last few years have been a boom period for the used car market in the UK. Depreciation became a thing of the past for many, with vehicles instead enjoying months on end of rises in values. While that seems to have changed in the last few months with values falling, there is plenty of demand and prices are much higher than they were before the pandemic. There is still a lot of work to do too, especially if you are a dealer or offer a car broker service.

One of the most interesting changes with the recent popularity of second hand cars is many Noughties models have become in demand. Let’s have a look at why, as well as which models could be worth an impressive amount today.

Proven pedigree

Car broker serviceMost buyers choose second hand because the vehicles are more affordable. However, it is vital to think about how reliable they will be. It will be a false economy if you can get a great deal on a car but then have to spend a lot on repairs to keep it on the road.

The reliability is the main reason so many people are looking at early Noughties vehicles. There are several models from this period that are a sensible buy today because they have proven to be reliable. Some have even seen their used values double because demand has been so high for them.

There is also a bit of nostalgia at play too. Many of these vehicles look back to a time when a lot of us first started driving. They may have been the first new car we bought, the one we learned to drive in, or the first second hand model we had after passing. That gives them a great value and means people offering a car broker service will likely spend plenty of time searching for them.

In addition, there has been a rise in the number of people learning to drive following the pandemic. It is a response to several things, including wanting more freedom. Attitudes towards public transport, particularly with recent strikes causing cancellations and delays, also encourage more people to learn to drive. Those that do often favour reliable second hand cars from the Noughties.

Favourite models

There are several examples of Noughties models that have become a hot commodity. A trio of them are from Ford, including the Fiesta, Mondeo, and Focus. The latter is the poster child for 00s starter cars. The Fiesta has been popular for generations, making it one of the best selling models of all time. Then we have suburban class of the Mondeo.

Vauxhall have two very popular models on the list too. If you offer a car broker service, you’ll get lots of people looking for them. The first is the Corsa. It is the best performer of all Noughties cars, with the highest sales in the last four years. They are the perfect first car and the one many of us did driving lessons in. The second is the ever-popular Astra. It is a reliable, cost effective family car.

Two French cars are incredibly popular two. The first is the Peugeot 307. It is a great alternative to the Corsa, offering simplicity and reliability. The other is the Renault Megan. Models from the 00s are spacious four door family cars.

The final model has become something of a modern classic. The Volkswagen Golf has a great reputation for reliability. The cars are also very fun to drive and suit a variety of drivers. People love models from the Noughties for the simple yet iconic design. As a result, they have had the biggest rise in values in the last four years.

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