Cool second hand cars to consider

A lot of the time, people buy second hand cars because they want something affordable they can use every day. However, that isn’t all you can find on the market. If you take the time to look or choose a service like car broking, there is plenty more on offer. This can include cool models that car and driving enthusiasts love. We want to take a look at some of these today.

BMW M240i

Many car enthusiasts choose BMW because the brand is synonymous with style, comfort, and a great drive. Not many other brands produce vehicles that feel as nice to cruise around in as they do to put the pedal down. The M240i is a really cool option. It is an agile coupe with quick steering that feels more like a GT. If you buy second hand, you could save as much as £10,000.

Toyota GT86

Talking about GT, the GT86 is one of the coolest rear wheel sports cars of the last few decades. It was born from a partnership between Toyota and Subaru. It is a two door coupe that is incredibly fun to drive. The model is lightweight, has an aerodynamic design, and has great handling. Second hand models, especially first generation ones, can be available for less than £20,000.

Honda Civic Type R

Car brokingMany car lovers choose hot hatchbacks to get the best of both worlds; a great driving experience plus a spacious interior. If you get involved with car broking, they will be a type of car you deal with regularly. The Honda Civic Type R has been a popular option for decades. However, the latest generation is among the most pricey hot hatches if you buy new. If you want to save, it is better to look at the previous generation. You can pick them up second hand and save over £25,000. The design is still great and the driving experience/handling is similar. The only real loss is 20hp.

Suzuki Swift Sport

Not all hatchbacks are hot; some are more moderate when it comes to top speed. However, they can still be incredibly fun to drive, especially on a daily basis. The Suzuki Swift Sport is one of the best models. They are small, light, and have a stylish design. Most impressively, you can get a good used model for under £15,000.

Nissan 370Z

Finally, if you want a stylish but surprisingly affordable sports car, this model from Nissan is a great choice. The 370Z succeeded the 350Z towards the end of the 2010s. It is a really great car, offering plenty of power. The Nismo model in particular is a car that enthusiasts will love. More importantly, you can pick one up for less than £30,000.

Want to try car broking?

Auto Car Brokers knows just how crucial the second hand car market is in the UK. It is essential for letting people buy affordable vehicles. At the same time, it can be a place to find cool cars, grails, and more.

On top of that, it can be a major source of jobs. One of the most interesting is car broking. It gives people the chance to offer exceptional services for dealers and private buyers. A broker can source vehicles to suit all kinds of needs. They earn commission for each deal without ever having to buy cars.

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