Affordable used cars with impressive engines

The internal combustion engine has a fantastic history. It dates back to the 19th century and has enjoyed numerous revisions, breakthroughs and updates since then. There are many different options today, and they can have a massive impact on the driving experience. We want to look at some of the most impressive engines you can find in affordable used cars. Then, if you decide you want one, you might want to consider car broking.

Volkswagen Passat

Firstly we have a vehicle with a unique engine. Under the bonnet of the 2001-2005 (Europe) Passat is a W8. It was the only production vehicle to feature it. In basic terms it is two VR4 engines with a common crankshaft, resulting in the banks creating the W shape. This engine design would go on to be the basis for the W16 in the iconic Bugatti Veyron.

The W8 Passat is known to be reliable and has a comfortable interior. In fact, it was VW’s attempt to get into the premium territory of Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. However, it didn’t sell well because of the high price tag for a new one. As a used model today though, especially if you can find one with low mileage, it is a good option for the unique engine alone.

Alfa Romeo GTV

This impressive little coupe was an award winner in the mid 90s, earning Car of the Year from Autocar. There are actually two engine options; the Twin Spark and the later, larger Busso V6. Both are interesting, and affordable options on the used car market.


Car brokingNext we have a car that doesn’t need any introduction. The M3 is known to offer one of the best driving experiences. As a result, it is still one of BMW’s most popular models today. Anyone offering car broking will likely find a number or requests for them.

What you should be looking for if you want a special engine though is the E46 generation (2000-2006). The S54 straight 6 has impressive horsepower and offers rapid acceleration. You can get a great deal on a used one.

Aston Martin DB9

The DB9 is still one of the most attractive designs from the iconic British marque. It is a dream car for many drivers. It also has a stunning V12 engine, whether you choose an earlier model (from 2000) or a later updated version (2009-2016). The latter has more horsepower and torque, increasing the top speed and acceleration.

There are several different options with the DB9. Ideally you want to look for a sequential manual version rather than an automatic. Make sure you consider the upkeep costs too; even if you can buy a used one cheap, it can be costly to be the owner.

Ford Fiesta ST

Next we have Britain’s favourite hot hatchback and a very common target for car broking. The used car market is full of Fiestas because for many years it was the most popular selling new car here. The ST model stands out for its innovative ecoboost engine. While it is small and economical, it is still powerful and really fun to drive.

There are plenty of options if you want a used ST. A good target would be the ST-3 if you are all about the driving experience. The newer version (2018-2023) has a smaller engine (1.5 litre, 3 cylinder). It is even more economical, but some criticise it for being a tough drive.

Mazda RX-8

Finally we have an impressive sports coupe that looks great and is really fun to drive. It has an interesting 1.3 litre rotary engine. That might sound small, but it offers an impressive top speed and good acceleration.

The RX-8 can be a really affordable buy on the used market. However, you need to think about the cost of ownership here too. There can be big bills for repairs and the model is also notorious for needing lots of oil.

Do you want to try car broking?

Auto Car Brokers appreciates how fantastic the used car market is in the UK. You can find almost anything, including good quality vehicles with fantastic engines. That makes it a great place for drivers to find their ideal cars.

The setting also means there is plenty of demand for car broking services. Buyers may choose a broker to help them find a specific model with the specs they want or as close to them as possible. Dealers also rely on brokers to help them source quality used cars. So, there are some really great business opportunities.

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