Advice on dealer negotiations

There are a lot of people out there who want to learn how to be a car broker. With our help, this is possible and affordable. Our approach involves providing clients with our excellent Business Package. It is a comprehensive suite of modules based on the success we’ve experienced in the industry. As a result, it will give you all the information you need to succeed.

One of the most exciting experiences is getting a new vehicle. As for the buying process though, it can be overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming. Moreover, it is often fraught with ways of losing money. You might be looking to buy something new, but you don’t know what to expect or how to handle things. We have some tips to share that you can use to make the experience more comfortable.

Shop at home

Car brokerFirstly, do your shopping at home. Never start off in a dealership showroom. Going to the dealer should actually be one of the last steps. Always begin by narrowing your options considering budget, needs, and wants. Try to make sure you know the precise trim package, model, and make you are after. You can do so at home in comfort with no pressure to commit to buying.

Do your homework too. Before going to the dealer, gather as much information as you can about your preferred motor. This includes details like common prices, average ownership cost, and resale value. It can be a good idea to look at some reviews too.

Take what you learn with you

Ensure that you bring your research with you as well if you can. It can be a good idea to print everything out and put it in a folder that you can then bring to the dealer. Or, save the links and screenshots on your phone so you can access the info.

For one thing, it is useful to refer to your materials whilst looking at cars. Not to mention, it is great to refer the dealer to what you have discovered if you encounter discrepancies.

Lastly, you can let the salesperson know you have done your research. If you know your details, chances are you won’t be oversold.

Bring another person with you

This is always a good idea. You are a lot better off not going to meet a dealer alone. It is not uncommon for two salespeople to work with you at once. They might not intentionally be trying to gang up on you. But, it could feel that way. It is preferable to have an additional pair of eyes on the paperwork, vehicle, and sales behaviour. Do this even when you are dealing with one salesperson. Have a second brain going over the numbers and a second opinion on everything.

When to shop

Make certain you avoid the weekends. The ideal time to shop around for cars is on a weekday, sometime early in the week. As for the weekend, it is often the worst time because they are busier. The process can go on for longer and the service may not be as good. You will probably receive less individual attention.

Shop broadly

Shopping around is another good idea. This is true when you are an individual buyer and a car broker. Getting a new car is exciting. Thus, you could be tempted to pounce on the first deal you find. People do this if it looks like a good deal. It could be, but regardless of what the dealer or seller states, it will likely still be around in a few days. It gives you some time for looking at other options. There is a chance that there are several local dealers who have your preferred car. Visit as many as possible to compare offers. Three is a good starting point.

Have a long haul mindset

You are better off planning to make a day of it here. There is the test drive, negotiations, trade-in, paperwork, financial discussions, and other bits. You can spend a long time with the dealer. Avoid scheduling everything else for the day so you can put as much time in as necessary. It will ensure you avoid rushing anything.

Use our tools to succeed as a car broker

At Auto Car Brokers, we provide a learning tool that is not available anywhere else. With our shop, you can order any of the modules individually. If you prefer, there is also the option to buy them all at once and save. Anyone interested in broking will benefit from what we have to offer.

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