Here’s A Quick Recap Of How Car Broking Works


Usually a private individual. You contact them, and they agree to let YOU find a buyer for them and handle the details of the sale of their car - all to save them time, effort and money.


You are the broker i.e. the 'middleman' in the transaction, bringing together both the seller and the buyer. When the deal is successfully completed, the buyer will pay YOU a generous commission.


Typically a dealer or independent specialist. You save them a lot of time, effort and money by finding them the cars they need. In return they pay YOU your commission - the difference between your 'source' price and their 'buy' price on the deal.


Why Car Broking Represents A Realistic Opportunity For You…

  • You don’t need to buy any cars yourself, with your own money

  • You don't need office premises or stock and you don't need to employ staff

  • You don't need to travel anywhere, meet anyone, or even view any vehicles

  • You don't need to spend a fortune on advertising

  • You’ll always find deals because of the size of the market of both sellers and buyers

  • You can get started quickly, with minimal start-up costs

  • The business model is simple to understand and easy to run

  • You can work from home (with hours to suit you, part-time or full-time)

  • You can make immediate returns of £250 a deal (or more) with little or no risk

A 'risk-free business' might sound like a contradiction in terms. But in the world of car broking, it's possible to earn significant commissions without risking any of your own money. I'll show you how it’s done (based on my own experiences) and how YOU can make a minimum of £250 - £500 just by sourcing one car per week, without risk or any large capital outlay.

And of course... this is NOT a franchise, so there are NO restrictions placed on your business at all and how you run it.  NO post code or geography restrictions.  NO additional royalties to pay.

YOU can source and broker cars from anywhere in the world - it doesn't matter where you live or where they are! YOU make the decisions that are right for YOUR business!  Everything YOU earn is yours!

And Here’s What Else You’ll Learn with the ‘Car Broker Package’

  • How to build a good income moving forward. (This is a realistic way to build a good income… and we'll show you how…)

  • How and where to "source" the vehicles the main dealers and agents are seeking. (PLUS: full details of the types of dealers to approach)

  • Why car broking represents such a unique opportunity for you.

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  • How to start your car broking business on a shoestring budget (and get up and running – and in profit - QUICKLY) [INCLUDES: all the 'need to know' info about company set-up, VAT and admin. Everything you need to know... the nuts and bolts... the forms... the legal stuff... buyers & sellers etc]

  • How to get an expert's valuation on any used car…

  • The reason why almost all 'buyer-seller' problems occur (and how you can easily solve them)

  • What you must have in place BEFORE you start your car broking business (and what you must avoid at all costs if you want to succeed)

  • The Top 'Tools of the Trade' Car Price Guides that will help you succeed in your car broking business (you get numbers, websites, shortcuts – everything you need)

  • HOW TO FIND SELLERS: the quick, cheap and easy ways revealed: (INCLUDES: the main places to look, and how to work with them once you find them…and… how to find the best car dealerships and networks, both online and offline.)

  • How to obtain the highly confidential 'Insider's Guide Car Valuation System' each month - It has analysed used car values since 1933, continues to provide the leading price guide to the UK motor trade, and is generally regarded as the 'Industry Bible'. This is NOT available on eBay, Amazon or anywhere else for that matter - see inside for full details on how to get access to it, and use it for both fun and profit. (INCLUDES: the main places to look, and how to work with them once you find them…and… how to find the best car dealerships and networks, both online and offline.)

  • What you MUST do to every car you have agreed a sale on (PLUS: five easy ways to confirm any car's authenticity)

  • How to find out how many owners a car has really had (and not the number you may have been given – vital for your profits so take heed)

  • What are the best kinds of car to deal in? (PLUS: the truth about ‘high-spec’ models – are they all they’re cracked up to be profit-wise?)

  • Little-known ways of increasing the value of your car broking business (often people will not know about this, but you will…).

  • The all-important document you MUST have to ‘close the sale’ (forget it and you could lose out on your commission).

  • GETTING PAID (Now for the good bit! The different types of payment options available - (which ones are best for you, the buyer and the seller)

  • How much should you charge for commission? This all-important topic is dealt with in full here.

  • Where to uncover the best sources of used cars for sale (you'll be surprised at some of these…)

  • The TWO vitally-important things you must always check with every dealer you work with (these could make or break the deal – so be careful)

  • How to 'close the deal' - even when the seller refuses to accept a lower price for their car (PLUS: the simple way to allow for any price changes)

  • Do you need to charge VAT on the deal? (The answer may surprise you…)

  • A definitive 'Tools of the Trade' list of websites you can use to get yourself up and running.

  • All the sample forms, draft contracts, and every template for maintaining full and accurate records of your car broking business (these have taken me 12 years to perfect, so are worth a great deal).

  • The four colours of car you should typically deal with (and the ONE colour that you might perhaps not want to consider)

  • How to open a conversation and close a deal with a seller (even if you're tongue-tied)

  • The 7 key indicators of a 'good' seller (what they are, how to recognise if they're serious, and how to turn them to your advantage to close the deal)

  • SELLER INFORMATION REVEALED: everything you need to ask any potential seller about their car’s history [INCLUDES: the car price-guide ‘Bible’ to help you do this FAST]

  • Should you use multiple photos of the car to help it sell? (The do's and don'ts revealed.)

  • The ONE question you should always ask the seller about their car ownership to avoid heartache down the line.

  • The 'Ten Commandments' of locating top-quality cars (which I use each time I’m looking for something new. INCLUDES: how to eliminate risk and maximise profits in your car broking portfolio).

  • The one 'deal-killer' you should always walk away from in any sale (no matter how tempting the profits. Why? Simple. Ignore this and you could end up on the wrong side of the law – find out how to avoid this).

  • BUYERS UNCOVERED: The two main types of buyers: how to find them, and how to work with them [PLUS: how to create the right impression of you/your business (even if you’re working from home)].

  • Where and how to advertise the cars you have available for sale.

  • The documents you should send to the buyer to close the sale for maximum profit (and the five essential pieces of financial information you need to put in these)

  • How to make sure the buyer/seller negotiations run smoothly, quickly - and profitably! (PLUS - what NEVER to do in any deal)!

  • The four areas you should make sure the seller checks BEFORE they put their car on the market (find out what they are – including the #1 potential problem area you must ensure never occurs).

  • How to make sure you always get paid quickly at the end of each deal (and what to do if you don't)

  • What safeguards to include to close the deal each and every time (INCLUDES: how to work with a new buyer - when you need to re-negotiate a price - and how to avoid being 'gazumped' if the seller tries to sell their car to someone else).

  • The tax implications of running a car broking business (don’t worry! It’s a lot easier than you might think – especially when you follow my simple instructions on exactly what to do and when). INCLUDES: what you must always ask the supplier about regarding VAT on the car (which could make you extra money).

  • The easiest, cheapest and quickest way for you to send out sales confirmations to both the buyers and sellers.

  • Paperwork and Documentation – The 'Full Monty' (INCLUDES: all the forms you need to dot the I’s and cross the T’s of every deal you close, so it runs like clockwork…)

  • CASE STUDIES OF SUCCESSFUL DEALS: want to see how a successful car broking deal works? Check out these two actual case studies of deals made.

  • Ever wondered how vehicle registrations work? Well, now's your chance to find out! (And know exactly how old a car is, what model it is, and whether it's worth your while dealing with).

  • Your very own 'instant assessment' checklist of any used car's profit potential.

  • The FOUR top car sites to visit (and how to use the free information on these sites)

  • And much, much more... In short, everything you'll need for your business to become successful, quickly.

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