Payment Options

Financing the Car Broker Business Package

Should you decide at some point to move ahead and purchase this business opportunity, then there are a number of options available for you to spread your payments, if you so wish.

We use PayPal which now makes it much easier for anyone to select how they would like to pay, and over how long a period.

When you come to checkout on the website, you essentially have three options:

  1. You can choose to pay the balance outstanding all at once, or
  2. You can choose to pay the balance in 3 equal monthly instalments – with no interest being applied, or
  3. You can use the ‘Pay Later’ option that’s displayed and request to pay the balance over a longer period – but interest may be applied to this.
    1. You select over how long a period that you wish to pay over.
    2. PayPal then calculates the monthly repayments over that term.
    3. PayPal will then deduct the relevant amount automatically each month from your debit/credit card.
    4. In this instance, PayPal may well also undertake a credit check.

These options now provide you with much greater flexibility and more control over how you want to finance your new business venture.

If you need any more information on this, please send us an email to

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