Make sure scrapped cars end up off the road

Scams are a sad thing we seem to have to deal with on a daily basis. Just open your inbox and you’ll probably see a few emails trying to get you. One scam you may not expect though involves scrapped cars. We want to look at this today so you know what to consider when you buy a second hand car or sell a vehicle for scrap. Then, if you want to become a car broker, you can speak to us. Continue reading “Make sure scrapped cars end up off the road”

Be cautious when buying these popular used cars

Buying a used car can be the perfect solution if you want to save some money. However, you should never rush in to any purchase. If you do, you could end up in a situation where you have huge bills for repairs or day to day operating costs. There are several popular models you should avoid for these very reasons. We want to look at them today, then if you want to start your own car broker service, you can learn how with us. Continue reading “Be cautious when buying these popular used cars”

What even is an economical car?

When shopping for used cars, whether you choose car broking or other services, you’ll often be told to go for an economic car. However, many people won’t have a proper understanding of what this is. An economic car is defined as one that is cheap to both buy and keep. Simply put, it needs to be a reliable model that possesses decent fuel economy. Also, the car must be difficult to argue against financially. Making your money go further is the essence of economical after all. Continue reading “What even is an economical car?”

Be wary of “Covid Cars”

The Covid pandemic had a massive impact on every aspect of life. From work to education, travelling to leisure, there were huge changes. We’re still feeling some of them today. One we want to look at here is the idea of “Covid Cars”. They are hitting the used car markets, creating some interesting challenges. If you are a dealer, a car broker, or a buyer, you need to ensure you know what to expect. Continue reading “Be wary of “Covid Cars””