Package Cost


With everything we’ve gone through and everything you’ve read about the Car Broker Business, we hope you’ll agree that this is a very comprehensive business package.

Everything you need to get yourself up and running as quickly as possible is included – thus ensuring that you can start building your business in the shortest possible timeframe.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best ‘Value For Money’ businesses available today, and the price we’re asking certainly reflects this.

AND… we’re now giving you a great opportunity to get started quickly.

What you will receive is the comprehensive Car Broker Business Manual, together with all the other materials, templates and documentation…. as well as all the automated ‘Get You Started’ support emails spread over the first two months.

Essentially, it’s a 'business in a box', and everything you need is all there.

AND… for a limited period, there is a 'Special' offer price for the “Car Broker Business Package” of just… £1,499.

Now, we can’t be any fairer than that! And that’s exceedingly good value if you’re looking at investing in a business that could potentially earn you £500 to £1,000+ per week – and potentially much more!


With the Government’s relaxation in VAT on digital publications – there is now no VAT payable on the digital publications we provide!

So… what do you want to do next?