Superminis were the most popular type of used car in 2023

New data from Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows that 2023 was a really great year for superminis in the UK. They were the most popular style of vehicle, especially on the used car market. We want to have a closer look today to see why supermini cars can be the best option for many people. If you start a business in car broking, you will probably deal with them regularly. Continue reading “Superminis were the most popular type of used car in 2023”

The significance of your engine number

With understanding and maintaining your car, you must delve into particular details. One major identifier is the engine number. At times, engines can get replaced with a second-hand model that doesn’t have a matching engine number. This isn’t a big problem when you are driving in your own country. When you plan to import or export the motor though, it does become a concern. What we are going to do here is explain what engine numbers are and why they’re so important. It is something car brokers and prospective buyers should know. Continue reading “The significance of your engine number”

Some important questions to avoid hidden used car costs

The UK is a massive market for second hand cars. There is demand for all kinds of models, from city runners to family cars, SUVs to EVs. Some people even keep an eye out for their dream classic vehicles. However, you should always be a little cautious when you buy second hand. This is the case whether you buy from a dealer, a private seller, or with help from a car broker. Continue reading “Some important questions to avoid hidden used car costs”

Second hand family cars you can depend on

In previous years, driving a used family car usually meant spending miles in a lacklustre hatchback. These days, purchasing a second-hand family car doesn’t involve compromises. We’re talking about ones on comfort, reliability, and roominess. What we are going to do here is talk about the best options for buying one. If you offer a car broker service, you will probably get a lot of dealers looking to find these models. Continue reading “Second hand family cars you can depend on”

The automatic used cars to watch out for

Car brokingYou may be in the used car market for an automatic. If so, we have information that will help you make a considered choice. Automatics are more convenient and simpler to use. You will only have to change gears for reversing and parking. What’s more, you can focus on the driving since you will have less to think on. If you have a car broking business, you will likely get plenty of requests for automatic cars. Continue reading “The automatic used cars to watch out for”