Four key things that can make used cars last longer

Buying a used car can be a really good idea. It could be the best option for your budget, whether you need a daily runabout or fancy a classic sportscar. However, you don’t want a great deal to end up costing you more than a new vehicle would have. This can easily happen if you don’t think about maintenance and replacing key parts. We want to look at this today, then if you want to join the UK’s car brokers, you can learn with us. Continue reading “Four key things that can make used cars last longer”

Used cars and the cooling off period

When buying a used car, whether you work with a car broker, a dealer, go to an auction, or go directly to a seller, it is easy to become over-excited. So, you should always organise a vehicle inspection. It is also more important than ever to understand the cooling off period when purchasing a used car. It doesn’t apply to every sale, but when it does it’s a great way to protect yourself. Continue reading “Used cars and the cooling off period”

Why are automatic vehicles so popular now?

For decades manual gearboxes were the most popular option in the UK. Even though plenty of automatics were available, a lot of people still chose the comfort of a classic three pedal system. However, that has been changing gradually more recently. We want to have a look at this today and the impact it is having on the wider market. If you offer a car broker service, it is definitely worth noting. Continue reading “Why are automatic vehicles so popular now?”

Should you buy an ex rental car?

Purchasing an ex rental car is something many people are apprehensive about doing. It’s a common belief that a rental is essentially a toy for any driver. They basically have free reign here right, so they don’t think about wear and tear or depreciation? This isn’t exactly true though. Some former rentals can be a really great buy if you want a second hand car. We want to have a look at this here, then if you are a car broker and want some extra advice, you can come to us. Continue reading “Should you buy an ex rental car?”