Car Broker Apps

A major new development from Auto Car Brokers is the release of two new Apps.

The first App (‘Sell My Car 4 Free’) automates 90% of the process for capturing, storing and distributing detailed information about a seller’s vehicle. This App has three distinct component parts:

  1. Comprehensive details about each vehicle – model, specification, options, history, condition etc
  2. A detailed picture portfolio of each vehicle (up to 30 images).
  3. A video of the vehicle (approximately three minutes).
  • This simplifies and transforms the process of how the details of each and every vehicle are captured and managed.
  • It facilitates the ease and speed of communicating information about each vehicle – between seller, broker and buyer.
  • The ‘Sell My Car 4 Free’ App will become an invaluable tool for brokers – and help transform the way they work.
  • For ‘Sellers’ – this whole process is completely ‘free of charge’ – as a means for them to find a buyer for their vehicle
  • For ‘Sellers’“What have they got to lose?” This is a FREE service! So they have absolutely nothing to lose by using it!
  • For ‘Brokers’ – this is a great USP! There’s nothing else in the market like this.
  • To find out more, click here.
AND… there’s also a second App as well…

This ‘Auto Car Brokers’ App is specifically targeted at dealers, where they can enter details of particular vehicles that they are looking for – either for stock, or perhaps to try and fulfil a particular customer requirement.

  • Yet another development from Auto Car Brokers!
  • To find out more, click here.