How Much Is The ‘Car Broker Business Package’?

car brokerageWith everything we’ve gone through and everything you’ve read about, we think you’ll agree that this is a very comprehensive business package.

Everything you need to get yourself up and running as quickly as possible is included – thus ensuring that you can start building your business in the shortest possible timeframe.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best ‘Value For Money’ businesses available today, and the price we’re asking certainly reflects this.

Inclusive Business Support Package

You will receive (entirely free) our full ‘Business Support’ package which includes our unique service to provide confidential advice and support to help get you up and running with your business.

You won’t be left ‘high and dry’ – because it’s about providing that level of support that everyone needs now and again.

So, our on-going assistance, guidance and help to you will cover:

  • ‘Automated Get-You-Started Emails’ for the first two months
  • ‘One-to-One’ confidential support
  • ‘Day-to-Day’ query handling and decision support
  • ‘Working’ with sellers and buyers
  • ‘Telephone’ support (24/7) – we’re never far away and will always respond
  • ‘Email’ support – for help or advice with any aspect of your car broking business

And this is why the standard ‘Car Broker Business Package’ is priced at just… £2,996!

And that’s exceedingly good value if you’re looking at investing in a business that could potentially earn you £1,000+ per week – and potentially much more!

No VAT to pay

With the Government’s relaxation in VAT on digital publications – there is now no VAT payable on the digital publications we provide!

So… what do you want to do next?

First things first. Please ensure that you have read and agreed to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ which explains the conditions of sale around all the downloadable electronic material.

Payment Process

Placement of Order (non-refundable)

  • Auto Car Brokers (ACB) does not operate a Franchise model.
  • There are no restrictions on where you can ultimately trade, but when accepting new positions, we always ensure that there is a good ‘spread’ of brokers in different territories around the UK and elsewhere.
  • All the materials that come with the Car Broker Business Package are in electronic format and upon placement of your order and receipt of monies, the full Car Broker Business Manual plus several information packs, PDF documents and Word template documents will then be made available for you to download for your own personal use.

There are NO other costs to Auto Car Brokers, NO future royalty payments, and NO other monthly charges!

Future releases and support of updated documentation (new versions etc)
All materials are regularly updated, with the Car Broker Business Manual alone having a major new release every 12 months as a minimum. As new releases become available, you will be given access to a ‘hidden’ web page that will allow you to download these. There is no additional cost for this support. It is all built into the original package price.

How to proceed…

The first step, and as previously mentioned, is to ensure that you have read and agreed to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ which explains the conditions of sale around all the downloadable electronic material. Once we have received your formal order and payment, we shall immediately send you a link to download everything.

Making your payment…

You will now be making a payment of £2,996 to place your formal order.

You can make your payment in one of two ways, either through online banking… or through PayPal.

Purchasing Through Online Banking…

To pay directly online – send us an email to: and we will send you the banking details by return.

Purchasing Through PayPal…

Pay £2,996 now… and place your order for the Car Broker Business Package

Only then will you be able to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to the right…

Purchasing By Debit or Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard but not Amex)…

To pay by card, this can be done over the phone – call us on 07795 107418 or send us an email to: so we can arrange this.

Any problems, or to see if we are running any promotions, just send us an email to: